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My delightful Australia Day message from Clementine Ford

28 January 2020

10:52 AM

28 January 2020

10:52 AM

I love this country. 

I am extremely proud to live here and call it home.  

I will never apologise for that.

The hideous debate around “Invasion Day” is divisive and unhelpful.  

And do you want to know what else is divisive and unhelpful? 

This vile, toxic, hateful wave of exhibitionist feminism that Clementine Ford is cashing in on.  

I dared to say on Australia Day that I love this country and this is the charming message she posted: 

The good news is that the vast majority of people not only want to keep celebrating Australia Day on 26 January – they also have a moral compass which overrides this virtue signalling mess of a religion masquerading as “feminism”.  

Ford received precious little support for her abusive remarks. 

Ford’s friendship with Mona Elthaway who justified violence towards men on our national broadcaster is well known.

Why was hatred allowed on taxpayer-funded ABC’s Q&A? 

Why do the left continue to support Ford despite her constant vulgarities and attacks on conservative women? She sat alongside the ABC’s Virginia Trioli in November, for heaven’s sake. 

The real question now is, how on earth can Channel Ten, who forced token conservative Steve Price to apologise for calling Jacinda Arden “that woman”, continue to pay Ford for her venom?

If a man gets haled over the coals for calling “that woman” but Ford is allowed to call me a “dumb c**t”, Channel Ten is finished.  

I don’t want an apology.  

I want a fair chance to speak; I am sick of these hateful women hogging the microphone and claiming they speak for all women.  

They don’t.  

There are good men and bad men, good women and bad women. 

I’ll let you decide for yourself where Ford sits on that scale.

Feminism is broken.  

Is Channel Ten? 

Illustration: Twitter.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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