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The left’s no longer a cause, but a new religion

4 December 2019

5:00 AM

4 December 2019

5:00 AM

What we are witnessing in the culture wars is not a fight between left and right. Instead, it’s a religious war against the birth and spread of a new secular religion.

We’ve been labelling its adherents as “progressives”, “liberals” or “leftists”, but these labels are inaccurate and should no longer be used by those opposed to this new faith. There is nothing liberal or progressive about this phenomenon we are witnessing. It can no longer be accurately described as left-wing either, in the same way other systems of belief, like Christianity and Islam, cannot be placed within the left or right-wing paradigm. Even some that were once renowned leftists have come at odds against this new creed. So we need a better term to adequately describe this phenomena and “religion” fits very well.

Humans are religious beings by nature. It’s how we give meaning to ourselves, our relations to others and the world around us. A common system of belief also helps to maintain unity and coherence within a community. Until recently, Christianity was the main source that gave meaning and direction to the people of the West. With the decline of Christianity, the West has been in a state of flux. What we are now witnessing is the birth of a new system of belief to fill the gap Christianity has left.

This new religion, though its creed chops and changes, is a hodgepodge of philosophies that includes feminism, environmentalism, sexual liberation, post-modernism and even aspects of Christianity. Like all religions, it seeks to defines aspects of humanity including life, gender, sexuality, family, justice and morality. It even has its own end of times apocalyptic narrative – climate change – stop carbon emissions or it will be the end of the world as we know it.

Like most religions, it publically shames those that don’t adhere to its new morality with the labels “racist”, “homophobe”, “transphobic”, “sexist”, etc. This public shaming often includes shunning the person from public life — think cancel culture.

Similar to Christianity and Islam, it brings attention to martyrs for the faith — minorities killed by police, women murdered by men, violence against LGBTI+ individuals or communities and so forth — while rarely reporting on violence caused to other groups. Like religion, it often claims its beliefs are supported by science, though the evidence is usually to the contrary. I’ll stop here, but there are many more examples of why it operates like a religion. Some have already called it the “woke religion”. This sounds like a good name, but maybe we can think of more fitting ones.

Now, I believe people should be free to believe in whatever they choose. The problem, however, is that the adherents of this new religion want a theocracy. They are pulling society back to the dark times before separation of church and state. It has already done this by codifying its beliefs into human rights legislation and other laws, so there are already be serious legal consequences for breaching its moral code, even for non-believers. Not only that. This religion has taken over our public schools, university faculties and is seeking to infiltrate the schools run by other faiths.

Though its recent victories and ubiquity give it the illusion of great strength, in actual fact it’s a very weak system of belief. It will only exist within this transitionary period of Western history.

It’s a belief system in constant flux, has no coherence, nihilistic, blatantly opposes the natural order and is unable to fight against its true challengers.

This time, Western men cannot be relied upon to die fighting for the faith. Some of its adherents refuse to take up arms. Non-believers will not defend a system that demeans them. And so, we can but pray, it will only ever be a short-lived religion

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