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Stuff the diversity warriors and say it loud, say it proud: Merry Christmas!

22 December 2019

6:53 PM

22 December 2019

6:53 PM

An outfit called the Diversity Council claims to be the place to go for advice on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and elsewhere.  It specialises in, and makes its money from, advising companies and not-for-profit organisations about how to make themselves, and their workforces, happier (and gayer), more multicultural, multi-gender, multi-racial and multi-faith in their corporate cultures and their workforces.  Its CEO, Lisa Annese says it has 600 signed-up organisations charged, according to the Council’s website up to $11,000 annually to have their wokeness certified.

On Thursday, the Herald-Sun disclosed how the Council’s Grinches has released guidelines for its members on how to be woke at Christmas, which boil down to a Basil Fawlty-esque “Don’t mention Christmas (I did once, but I think I got away with it!)”. Beyond the quite reasonable suggestion that Christmas parties have the courtesy to cater for the tastes and dietary preferences of all those present, according to the Herald-Sun the guidelines recommend:

  • Holding “floating cultural holidays” (whatever they are);
  • Using the excruciating American “Happy Holidays” greeting.
  • Letting non-Christian workers work over Christmas in exchange for faith-specific days off of their own (good luck with that one!); and
  • Celebrating other faith holidays.

You can see where the last one is going – everyone will get everyone else’s religious holidays on the employer’s dime, not a bad deal when you consider the Muslim Eid is a week’s total shutdown, even more so than Christmas.  A company struggling to stay afloat in these troubled economic times would have its workforce productivity crippled by giving every worker time off for a religious holiday every other day.

Gee thanks, Diversity Council!

The bright sparks behind the Diversity Council have found a way to monetise and exploit wokeness – good luck to them.  But their attempt to wokify Christmas goes too far.

Australia is a Western country with a Judeo-Christian European tradition, even if we as a nation are becoming ever more secularised.  People who come to make their lives here are free to live and practise their beliefs as they wish, but most if not all non-Western immigrants and cultures don’t demand or expect special treatment if they don’t happen to be part of that dominant Western culture.  Respecting difference is one thing, but expecting the great majority of Australians to tiptoe around small minorities by taking Christmas out of Christmas is another.

That we have a Christian heritage and celebrate Christmas the way we do, is nothing to be ashamed of or to feel guilty in enjoying it.

Indeed, in many non-Western, non-Christian cultures, Christmas and all its kitsch are embraced wholeheartedly.  Go to Buddhist Bangkok just now and you’ll find Santas on street corners end every bloody lift playing Mariah Carey’s execrable All I Want for Christmas is You.  It’s a reminder that people of all cultures and faiths want Christmas and all its trimmings, whatever professional prigs like the woke folk at the Diversity Council may claim.

Christmas is a time of unity, of togetherness.  It brings us all together to celebrate a year that’s passing and, whether or not you associate it with the birth of Christ, new beginnings.  Christmas is beyond political correctness, it is a state of mind and being that doesn’t deserved to be exploited and politicised by self-appointed guardians of our wokeness like the Diversity Council.

So say it loud and say it proud: Merry Christmas!

But, for everyone who believes in the Diversity Council’s woke vision rather than jolly Father Christmas, Happy Festivus!

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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