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Some feminists want to kill men, Pauline Hanson wants to honour them

16 December 2019

4:32 PM

16 December 2019

4:32 PM

“You deserve to be honoured”. These are the words of Senator Pauline Hanson to Australian men in an important speech on the last day of Parliament. Her speech has received effusive praise from men and women around the globe. Moreover, her speech has moved several men to tears.

In her news.com.au report, journalist Natalie Wolfe covered this very important but little mentioned speech in her own indomitable style.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has paid tribute to Aussie men, describing them as “good, honest and hardworking” and lashing out at feminists.

Pauline Hanson has paid tribute to “the everyday men of Australia”, thanking them for “working hard” and blasting feminists, saying they should “be ashamed of themselves”.

In an extraordinary five-minute speech yesterday, the One Nation leader addressed an almost empty Senate to “pay homage to the majority of men in Australia”.

“It’s not often that the dedicated and hardworking men of this country collectively get a pat on the back, as they deserve, so I’d like to do that now,” Senator Hanson said.

“Well done, men. You deserve to be honoured. I thank you.

“It is more often that we lift up women in this country. Men are widely regarded as toxic. That is wrong. The extreme majority of men are not toxic. They are good, they are caring.”

The comments below Senator Pauline Hanson’s video are incredibly revealing and well worth the read. Here are a few.

Tod Graymoon

“She has more balls than the male politicians”.


“We wouldn’t have a country without men, we wouldn’t have our homes, our roads, or any of our infrastructure. Thank you for telling the truth, Pauline.”


“I love Pauline Hanson such a true Aussie”.


“She may not be quite as polished as others, she certainly is not as articulate or eloquent as Barack Obama but what she says is from the heart, and she truly believes it and means it. She says what 90% of the people are thinking.”

But it was the number of references to men being touched to the point of tears that really moved me. Nuno Teixeira said, “Man this made me wanna cry.” Mavishill said, “Damn, it’s so long since I’ve heard anything good ever said about men… almost teared up. Thank you Pauline Hanson.” Pascal Schmidt, “Tears come up when women stand up for me.”

So why did Senator Pauline Hansen make such a well-received speech that would make grown men cry? I will let Natalie Wolfe continue her story:

Senator Hanson said she was prompted to make the speech while Australia is in the grips of one of its worst bushfire seasons on record.

More than 680 homes have been destroyed in NSW this bushfire season, according to the Rural Fire Service while fires also rage in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

“While the firefighters, who are mostly male, were battling the blazes we had feminists telling us that after they fight the fires, no doubt exhausted, covered in sweat, ash and soot, and with their skin singed from the heat, they go home and beat their partners,” she said.

“What an idiotic suggestion.”

Senator Hanson was referring to a since-deleted tweet from journalist and Red Heart Campaign founder Sherele Moody, who claimed domestic violence spiked after “cataclysmic events”.

“I’ve also made it clear that I have had a gutful of hearing from man-hating feminists,” Senator Hanson told parliament.

“I believe in what is fair and just and I am sick and tired of this constant criticism of men in Australia, especially if they’re white.

“Why is there such an ongoing attack on the men of this country, especially those who show strength and masculinity.

“Well, I’m not going to man-bash. There is no reason to do it. The vast majority of men are not toxic. They are loving, caring, respectful and hardworking and it’s mostly men who step up and face the flames, extreme heat … to fight the bushfires.”

Some people might dismiss Senator Pauline Hanson’s comment about, “man-bashing” and “man-hating feminists” as hyperbole but truth is always stranger than fiction.

Last month “Our ABC” featured a feminist activist who wanted to cull 10 per cent of the male population.  Cull is a polite word — murder would be more appropriate. If a man proposed to do this to woman on National Television he would be put in jail and rightfully so.

Author David Solway exposed the horrific truth of Senator Hanson’s comments in his insightful article called, Feminism as Gender Terrorism: The Mortal Vendetta Against the Male Sex. In his own words:

Egyptian-American feminist Mona Eltahawy is in the news again, having gone on record suggesting the weekly “culling” of men. She calls this an imaginary scenario, but it is nonetheless hateful and an obvious incentive to homicidal violence.

As she put it in a fawning CBC interview, anticipating her recent appearance on Australian public television (now scrubbed by ABC but still accessible on Sydney Watson’s channel):

 “Knowing that this is very disturbing, I ask people to imagine… a scenario in which we kill a certain number of men every week. How many men must we kill until patriarchy sits across the table from us and says, OK, stop. What must we do, so that you can stop this culling?” She continues:

“I want patriarchy to fear feminism. I want patriarchy to fear women… My question here is, how long must we wait so that men stop raping us? What will it take so that men stop murdering us?” Eltahawy claims to have beaten up a groper in a Montreal club, leaving him with a look of terror in his eyes. “I want that terror,” she writes, “to be the way that patriarchy reacts to feminism.”

Eltahawy’s vehemence, alas, is not new. It is mainly a rehash of Valerie Solanas’ 1967 SCUM Manifesto (an acronym for Society for Cutting Up Men), which reads in part: “No aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex.”

Solanis leapt to notoriety when, true to her word, she near-fatally shot Andy Warhol. As she wrote: her paramilitary would “coolly, furtively stalk its prey and quietly move in for the kill.” No man is safe…

Feminism has become a lethal force… In its effort to bring down the culture by its remorseless attack on the tradition of chivalry and the principle of meritocracy, its reification of an abstraction like the “patriarchy” into a cohesive, world-dominating conspiracy, its elimination of fairness from juridical procedures, its attack on the nuclear family, its substituting the distaff for the spear (or rather transforming the distaff into the spear), thus depriving society of its major load-bearing pillars in science, art, literature, technology, invention, business, medicine, industry, infrastructure maintenance and entrepreneurial productivity, gender terror may well succeed where Islamic terror has thus far failed.

We need to thank brave politicians such as Hanson for their support for the male of the species. We as men also need to avoid becoming part of the problem, like Mona Eltahawy, and becoming filled with hate.

Martin Luther King, Jr, who while being reviled and unjustly treated said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”.

It is love, and the encouraging words of a brave woman, that can make a grown man cry. Thank God for courageous women like Pauline Hanson.

Warwick Marsh is the founder of the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation and has worked as a musician and creative communicator/TV producer. He is editor in chief of the weekly Dads4Kids email newsletter and in 2001 received a Centenary Medal.

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