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There’s no such thing as a “potential human”, Jane

19 September 2019

3:06 PM

19 September 2019

3:06 PM

Jane Caro is one of those feminist exhibitionists who seem to have been dared to say something increasingly stupid or evil every day, and still isn’t finding that hard. I’m personally grateful for the many authentic revelations she offers into the toxic cult which is feminism. Today is a day ending in /y/, and yet again we can observe the perverse post-truth abomination which feminism has become over the last few generations.

Feminists might not care, but I do

In a rare moment of feminist honesty, Jane Caro says she doesn’t notice or care about the babies conceived who were never born. This cruel, tone-deaf nastiness is typical of feminists. I say typical, because original feminists who fought for the justice of suffrage were commonly anti-abortion. Classic feminists such as Susan B. Anthony thought abortion was a crime against women and femininity, and fought against it. Respect to “first wave” feminists like her, now in a tragic minority. It was all downhill from there.

To all the mothers (and fathers) who have lost the babies they lovingly treasured and nurtured before suffering miscarriage: I care. I mourn your loss and weep for the children you hope to meet in heaven. I apologise for Jane Caro’s thoughtless dismissal of your child’s significance to you and missed presence from the world.

To all the hopeful mothers (and fathers) heart-broken and devasted by an ongoing inability to conceive, I notice your pain for missing children in your home, I care. I pray our society will soon mature and progress to highly value every child conceived as desperately wanted by someone.

To all the post-abortive mothers (and fathers) haunted by the trauma and grief of past choices regretted forever, I am deeply sorry for your loss and mourn with you for the children you are missing. I am so deeply sorry for a society which gave you no other choice, no support when that’s what you really wanted, no safety from coercion, no independent counselling in your moment of crisis, no time to consider your choices, no permission to honestly grieve the loss to your family, no funding or empowerment for any other choice. While not denying the reality of that choice, I don’t condemn you. We let you and your baby down, and I am so sorry.

There’s no such thing as a “potential human”

This is willful ignorance of the basics of biology. No living thing is partially a member of its parents’ species. No living thing ever reproduces life belonging to a different species. There has never ever been scientific observation of a life form changing species. Not cat ever gave birth to a dog, no human ever gave birth to a horse. Mutations sometimes occur within a species, but they’ve never been observed to become a new species.

Despite the philosophical pollution of scientific assertions attempting to wallpaper over the homicidal reality of the abortion trade by its apologists such as Jane Caro, life is an empirically verifiable state. Take any object in question and hypothesise it was discovered by the Mars Rover where there is no danger it could affect heated partisan debates, and scientists would unanimously agree that if we could observe cell division and replication, growth, that would be classified as a living entity.

So far we have listed traits which could be ascribed to a part of a woman’s body like an appendix: belonging exclusively to the species human and observably living. What distinguishes a new human is unique DNA never seen before in the world. The moment at which an entity with unique DNA, observable life and human ancestry comes into existence (fertilisation) you don’t have a “potential human”, you have a new, unique, living human being.

The singularly most important question in the abortion debate is not a question of autonomy as no reasonable person believes one person’s autonomy absolves them of guilt when they exercise their choice to kill another human being. That’s why abortion apologists strive so hard to dehumanise the object of abortion procedures or pretend there is only one living human affected by the abortion choice.

The most important question is what is it? What is the true nature, clever euphemisms aside, of the target of abortion? Feminists want you to believe it’s a “potential human”, that she’s not human. But she is.

Some 5,577 biologists from over 86 countries and a thousand different academic institutions were asked when a new human life begins. Sixty-three per cent of them were non-religious, only 15 per cent were pro-life, 11 per cent were conservative and eight per cent Republicans, while 85 per cent were pro-choice, 89 per cent were liberal and 92 per cent Democrats.

Ninety-six per cent of these biologists affirmed the view that a human’s life begins at fertilisation. Inconveniently for the feminist pro-abortion narrative, there’s no such thing as a “potential human”.

Dave Pellowe is a speaker, writer and political commentator and blogs at PelloweTalk.com.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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