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They say it as if debate was a bad thing

18 February 2019

3:44 PM

18 February 2019

3:44 PM

Sorry. More Jordan Peterson — but we know you love him like those middle-aged, professional St Kilda dads who still wear all black on weekends love Nick Cave.

SBS appear to have got themselves worried ahead of his appearance on Q&A next week that the Canadian thinker might spark debate. What’s worse, they say it as if debate is something bad.

It has been thought in some circles that the very purpose of Q&A was sparking debate — or discussion, at the very least.  But no — or not at the other public broadcaster.

The right always seem to be able to engage in a polite exchange of views. The left less so. They prefer to harangue or — let’s face it — scream semi-coherently. Is this why they dislike debate?

Whatever the case, it appears that the SBS audience can’t cope with anything other than what Gerard Henderson would call A Maurice Newman Segment: In Which Everyone Agrees with Everyone Else. Debate (or, apparently, an expression of views heard outside a Zali Steggall for Warringah campaign committee meeting), is A Bad Thing.

Which is all a tad ironic, given that SBS was established to give multicultural voices and content a platform.

Perhaps they’ve all just been saying the same thing in a multitude of languages, dialects and accents over and over again — and we’ve never noticed.

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