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What’s woke this week?

28 January 2019

1:01 PM

28 January 2019

1:01 PM

This week’s woke epistle includes some Australia Day trashing in the guise of ABC investigative journalism, some good old-fashioned white Christian bashing, a grand slam serve from an arbiter of fashion and human rights, and calls for voting restrictions on the aged. And we couldn’t resist just a few more words about the story that just kept on giving.

Woking back tears

The usual selection of indigenous activists, woke TV presenters, Greens politicians and the like emerged in Australia’s favourite sporting event in the run-up to Australia Day, and I don’t mean the Australian Open. ‘Invasion Day’ and change the date opinion pieces and stories appeared in the mainstream media and social media was atwitter with disgust, loathing and general outrage.

My personal favourite, however, was this particular take from our ABC – Australia Day date change urged by young girl in heartfelt letter written in texta. In response to a claim by Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion that “not a single Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person has approached him about changing the date of Australia Day”, ABC journalists sought documents under FOI and found instead ‘a cache of letters and emails sent to Senator Scullion about Australia Day’.

The story led with a tug at the heart strings for woke readers with the young girl’s handwritten letter written to “Dear govermint” and stating her view that “It’s like celebrating because we killed lots and lots of Aboriginal people”. Who could not be affected by the pathos and cuteness of it all?

It was a calculated lead, though, because details buried in the rest of the story seem to suggest that the minister was correct. Over four years that ‘cache’ consisted of ‘nearly 20 letters’, (surely not that many?) and none of the writers identified themselves as indigenous.    

The Wintour of her discontent

The Australian Open, funnily enough, used to be about tennis but those days are long gone. Now like QANTAS and Procter and Gamble, under the steerage of tournament director Craig Tiley it’s been remade as a social justice exemplar, arbiter of correct thought and action and a champion of diversity and inclusion. Their program includes a masterstroke of woke nomenclature – the ‘Glam Slam’ – where over 175 players from 29 countries battled it out in Australia’s largest LGBTI tennis tournament.

The highlight for me was Anna Wintour, Vogue editor-in-chief, lecturing Australia about its LGBTIQ rights record. And she wasn’t merely satisfied with having a swipe at Margaret Court, who is a soft target courtesy of the battering she has taken in recent years because of her stance about gay marriage.

Wintour also gave a piece of her mind to Scott Morrison, all as a guest of the Australian Open and keynote speaker for its Inspirational Series. How very inspirational. Surely that rainbow symbol should now include the very specific shade of cerulean blue.

Pounding Pence

If you didn’t know that it’s fashionably woke to sink the boot into white, male Christians, then you do now. Tiffany Cross, managing editor of The Beat DC (the intersection of politics, policy and people of color) appeared as a guest on MSNBC (the premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines and insightful political commentary). In a segment with ‘the Rev’ Al Sharpton, she described President Trump’s proposed compromise on border security as a deal “put together by Secretary of All Things Jared Kushner, and by the Jesus whisperer, Vice President Mike Pence”.

Cross was not censured by ‘the Rev’ for her comment. One can only wonder what Sharpton, a Baptist minister and political, civil rights and social justice activist, would have made of the comment had it been delivered about him by a white person.  In woke world the shoe is never on the other foot.

Ban grans

British used-to-be-singer Jamelia caused a stir this week when she suggested that over 75s should be banned from voting. Appearing on Jeremy Vine’s Channel Five Show Jamelia, whose more recent work includes stints on gems such as The Voice of Ireland, Bear Grylls: Mission Survive and Strictly Come Dancing, said in response to a caller “I just don’t think it’s fair that you have a vote when you’re not going to experience the consequences of that vote. And you’ve had 50 to 60 years of voting.” Presumably, she meant ‘voting the wrong way’.

The elephant at the memorial

I suppose I must finish with the ‘venerable Native American elder, Nathan Phillips’ versus ‘smirking Covington Catholic kids’ debate, though I suspect that it’s been dealt with sufficiently by other sources.

Oceans of hate-filled bile have flooded through mainstream and social media from the usual woke bastions of tolerance: washed up actresses and comics, leftist politicians and mainstream political commentators. Waldo Lydecker (sneering society columnist in the 1944 Otto Preminger film Laura) has nothing on them. “I don’t use a pen. I write with a goose quill dipped in venom.Venom is the stock in trade of the outraged left.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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