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Bye-bye White Ribbon?

13 November 2018

12:01 PM

13 November 2018

12:01 PM

Word is White Ribbon is in trouble. The Australian reports it’s in a “parlous” financial state. The annual report is due to be released next month – and insiders are saying the news isn’t going to be good.

Over the past few weeks, the anti-domestic violence agency has faced a barrage of criticism. Chief executive Tracy McLeod Howe has departed after just three months while corporate sponsors and partners look set to do the same.

Today, the feeling is that it is not a question on if White Ribbon will completely fall from favour but when. Tick tock.

Last financial year, White Ribbon received seven per cent of its funding from state and federal governments. Public donations are dwindling in the wake of poor press and failing confidence.

White Ribbon Day is November 23. It will be extremely interesting to see how the organisation saves face for that fundraising, attempts to secure positive media and grab funding.

The Australian reports that specialists have been brought in to sort finances out. “There is a policy that they won’t take any more than 10 per cent of government funding,” an insider told The Oz.

Of course, the real question is not how much funding the organisation will take but why the government is funding such a questionable venture at all.

The 2016-17 annual report showed that White Ribbon had revenue of $5.6 million and after expenses, that amount was $298,481. Looking into the breakdown, The Australian reports that employee expenses accounted for more than $2.8 million. Travel and accommodation was reported at more than $240,000. Further expenses totalling more than $1 million were listed as “other”.

Shine the light on the upcoming annual report – and shine it brightly.

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