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White Ribbon’s gender biased Groundhog Day

3 August 2020

5:00 AM

3 August 2020

5:00 AM

Last week was a bad week for anyone who believes in genuine, true equality. 

White Ribbon strutted back on stage, spewing the same old anti-men venom, and it was announced more Queensland police stations will have extra “domestic violence specialists”, cementing the war on men.  

The majority of the population know that violence is not a gender issue. There is no such thing as “men’s violence”.  

Well, it exists, just as “female violence” exists because we are all human beings.  

And yet, the government continues to pour funding into this wonky, gendered narrative. 

And White Ribbon’s new boss proved he is just as clueless as the last CEO of the organisation.  

Somehow, White Ribbon has managed to pull itself back up from its knees and appears determined to have another go in the ring with its imaginary opponent.  

“Australia’s most recognisable male-focused domestic violence charity has risen from collapse after going into liquidation last year,” wrote The Sydney Morning Herald.  

A fanfare commenced for Brad Chilcott, the new executive director who happens to be a social justice campaigner.  

“There’s still a lot of goodwill for White Ribbon out in the broader community,” he said, clearly without speaking to anyone outside the social justice echo chamber, clinging to the misguided belief that this gendered narrative bears any resemblance to the truth.  

There is no goodwill for White Ribbon in the community.  

Even fierce feminists have a myriad of issues with the charity.  

And yet, here we are.  


“White Ribbon has the opportunity to harness that concern and energy and direct it towards meaningful action that leads to change,” he continued.

Except, it won’t, will it? 

Pursuing a gendered narrative won’t “lead to change” because it does not reflect the truth.

It does nothing to support the front-line of those affected.

Neither does it tackle the key, real issues or societal contributing factors such as poverty or substance abuse.  

White Ribbon is carefully positioning itself as the saviour we all require, and now even aligning with the regions in an attempt to regain credibility.  

“Gender inequality is structural violence,” the social justice warrior told The Guardian Australia, with the same cross-eyed determination as a Black Lives Matter activist attempting to ignore the full reality of violence while waving an anti-white folk flag.  

Try trotting that line out in the regions – and report back on how that goes for you.  

Rosie Batty has been announced as the first big name to join White Ribbon’s new “advisory council”, which is strange considering there are still unanswered questions regarding the governance of her own foundation.  

“It’s not for men to lead the way forward, it’s about women and men working together,” Batty said, as she signed up to a charity which is all about women and men not working together.  

Chilcott said the key new focus will be to work with women’s services.  

That is, services similar to the so-called specialists who will be embedded into Queensland police stations.  

The ones who replace the presumption of innocence with a gendered narrative…  

It’s all sounding like a gender-biased Groundhog Day, isn’t it? 

Corrine Barraclough has a new weekly online show hosted on Good Sauce which will focus on family law, its impact on mental health, and the damage of the gender-bias in mainstream media. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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