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“A curfew for men”, you say? A few questions…

12 July 2018

8:43 AM

12 July 2018

8:43 AM

Pretty much the entire population in Australia has had enough of the man bashing. They’ve had enough of the boiling hot rage being poured onto men by far left feminist extremists. And they’ve also had enough of the hypocrisy that states no one is allowed to joke anymore unless the punch line is men.

In this Fairfax media is the unwanted gift that keeps giving. A piece entitled, “A curfew for men? What great idea” has been doing the rounds on social media. Few are impressed, as you may imagine.

“Under the new regime any men out after dark would have to be accompanied by a responsible female,” the author writes in what can only be presumed is a joke (in which the punch line is men).

She continues, “There are a number of options. One is simply to ban all men from being on the streets or on public transport after, say, 9.30 pm (10.30pm daylight saving). Which is effectively the restriction currently placed on women.”


Who are these people – and how on earth do they believe this is helping their cause?

Do they realise pieces like this makes the entirety of Australia roll their eyes, sigh and put this relentless screeching down to the fembots wailing – again?

Are they aware that causing harm to others is currently illegal so putting a curfew won’t make a teeny tiny bit of difference because criminals disregard the law anyway?

Do they realise that the anti-social people in society aren’t listening?

Do they realise that if they had any supporters who were genuinely on their side, they too have now tuned out?

Do they realise the vast majority of Australians now are sick of them using men as an excuse to hate?

And, finally, where the hell are the politicians to redress this hideous leftist bleating and finally insist on restoring some balance?

Illustration: Cambist Films.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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