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Their ABC on Barnaby’s bother: biased and banal

14 August 2017

7:30 PM

14 August 2017

7:30 PM

So, how’s the ABC responding to Barnaby Joyce’s little spot of bother? With all the class that you’d expect.

Its report reads:

Australians are anxiously hoping for a reaction from actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, after Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was confirmed as a New Zealand citizen by the country…

On social media, people anticipated Depp and Heard — and their dogs Pistol and Boo — would be overjoyed to hear the news.

Last year, the Hollywood stars raised the ire of Mr Joyce when they smuggled Pistol and Boo into Australia without the animals going through quarantine.

Biased AND banal, in other words.

Exactly what we pay over a billion bucks a year for.

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