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It’s quality all the way at Michelle Guthrie’s ABC

13 March 2017

8:10 PM

13 March 2017

8:10 PM

Broadcasting: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Michelle Guthrie. Her five-year contract: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new media and new audiences, to boldly go where no ABC MD has gone before… That’s the theory, anyway.

In practice, the ABC appears to be churning out the same old left-wing groupthink it’s been bombarding up with for most of the past half-century — left wing groupthink and, as we’re in the digital age, complete crap.

Look at this story from this morning:

It’s only a public holiday in Victoria, in Tasmania and South Australia (where few people work anyway) and in the ACT (where enforcing more than a public holiday pace on the poor penpushers results in a bombardment of bullying claims). So what was the ABC’s excuse for dishing up such utter shite to start the week?

It’s not as if it was an isolated incident, as these two efforts at great reportage from Sunday show:

Because nothing says “ABC audience” more than Metallica.

And the Deveny shtick! She held her “love party” 12 bloody months ago. It was covered enough then.

It’s enough of an indictment of the ABC that they are the only outlet left that will publish the crazed solipsist’s rants — she’s too crazy even for the freak show Fairfax Lady Pages (arguably a first) — but the fact that her editors at the national broadcaster give her taxpayer coin for rehashing a year-old story is truly remarkable.

Taken together all this fatuous foolishness makes talk Guthrie is a Murdoch sleeper agent on a mission to destroy the ABC from within seem almost plausible.

And if it isn’t true, it makes one wish it was.

Illustration: YouTube.

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