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Dangerous queen

14 January 2017

9:00 AM

14 January 2017

9:00 AM

In a move that has delighted his fans and appalled his enemies, Breitbart editor and provocateur extraordinaire Milo Yiannopoulos is releasing his much anticipated, sure to be fabulous book, aptly entitled Dangerous. Publishing giant Simon and Schuster awarded their queen of controversy a whopping $250,000 advance. Money well spent, as the book raced to the number one bestseller spot on Amazon in less than twenty-four hours. Ahead of Carrie Fisher’s memoir and (giggle) Hillary Clinton’s Stronger Together. And this is only the presale. Still, knowing Milo, who never does anything by halves, who would expect anything less?

Needless to say, the leftist media is once more running around cry-screaming that everybody is going to die. Like a broken record, no leftist retaliation is complete (or even exists) without the usual shrieks of ‘white supremacist’, ‘racist’, ‘bigot’, ‘misogynist’, ‘hate speech’, and all the other old favourites conservatives have learnt to roll their eyes at and ignore. However, this time the hysteria has gone beyond the usual buzzword name-calling. The claims the Left is making are growing progressively outrageous, ranging from the simply laughable to the downright bizarre.

Elle Magazine claimed the release of Milo’s book ‘will endanger human lives’. Adam Morgan, editor of the Chicago Review of Books (who have pledged to boycott Simon and Schuster releases for a year) stated Milo’s rhetoric could incite terrorism; encouraging ‘people such as Omar Mateen and Dylann Roof’. And occasionally-funny B-grade celebrity Sarah Silverman dropped this insightful Tweet, ‘The guy has freedom of speech but to fund him and give him a platform tells me A LOT about Simon and Schuster. YUCK AND BOO AND GROSS.’

But regardless of the Left’s hand-flapping, and their attempts to insult him into silence (nice try), Milo’s book deal is going ahead. And the Left, so used to getting their own way, can’t stand it. But why has the backlash been such an augmentation of the usual nine o’clock snowflake-special? It’s not because Milo’s ideas are particularly extreme, although he’s been labelled a far-right extremist a number of times. While his (entirely hilarious) rhetoric may be hyperactive and cutting, Milo’s views are actually perfectly reasonable, and always grounded in cold hard facts. But the Left has a history of being unable to get past outrageous rhetoric, leaving the conceivably good ideas beneath it (read: opposing opinions) largely unexplored.

Nevertheless, Milo just keeps on keeping on, in the face of often extraordinary adversity. If you’ve followed his ever-effervescent Dangerous Faggot Tour, or read anything written about him over the last twelve months, you’ll know the Left tried every trick in the book to quash the Milo fire. Colleges have repeatedly banned him from campuses, or charged Republican student clubs astronomical sums of money for security fees (never applicable to leftist speakers, by the way). Student protestors have repeatedly used violence in their attempts to shut him down. Journalists continue to lie through their teeth, determined to crown him (as he puts it) the queen of the alt-right. Regardless of the fact Milo has denied any affiliation countless times.

The Left has thrown the ‘racist’ label at him; ironic, as he dates exclusively black men. They’ve called him a ‘white supremacist’; equally bizarre as (aside from the penchant for other races) he’s half-Jewish. ‘Misogynist’ gets tossed around a lot; also ridiculous. Milo describes himself as a second-wave feminist, rather than the shrill-voiced, misandrist third-wave variety (who everyone hates anyway). He repeatedly states he loves women, and that he wants them to be happy.

And as for calling him homophobic – well, that’s patently absurd, as he is, in fact, delightfully homosexual. And every statement he makes that the Left can’t argue (which is all of them), they label ‘hate speech’.

Still, we all know these are standard leftist tactics. They do the same thing to Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Donald Trump, Katie Hopkins, and any other conservative who dares suggest the social justice narrative is somehow flawed. The Left’s idea of reasoned debate, after all, is yelling over their opponents and calling them mean names. Milo is no exception. But the Left’s inflated hatred of Milo goes far beyond their usual wilful intellectual laziness. It’s an insidious, simmering loathing, entrenched deep within their icy snowflake hearts.

Funnily enough, this unadulterated vitriol has nothing to do with Milo’s views, or his rhetoric, or his occasionally bitchy social media antics. It’s something much more sinister. That is, according to the Left, who hijacked LGBT rights a couple of decades ago, that Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay, flamboyant, impeccably-dressed millennial, has all the wrong identity politics. He is playing a dangerous game by straying from the flock. And the Left is determined to make him pay for his treachery.

Possibly the most morally reprehensible thing about leftists is this obsession with identity politics; that gays, women, and racial minorities are incapable of thinking beyond what is prescribed for them by the Left. If these perceivably ‘oppressed’ groups do, perchance, have opinions outside the bounds of what is socially acceptable, they are demonised and ostracised. Conservative women are labelled ‘internalised misogynists’, and fed to the wolves by the feminist Left. African Americans are termed ‘coons’ or ‘Uncle Toms’. This condescension is the worst kind of bigotry, perpetuated by the self-confessedly ‘tolerant’ Left. And Milo, in all his glory, cops the full extent of this hypocrisy.

The Left will never forgive Milo. They can’t stand the fact this intelligent, charismatic, witty, stylish, and unbearably handsome powerhouse of a man, who should be on their side, is infiltrating the mainstream. He is an existential threat to their stranglehold on culture. Most terrifying of all; the fact this vessel for conservative thought isn’t the ‘old, straight, white man’ (favourite enemy of the Left), is an indication that maybe, just maybe, they might be wrong. That’s why they lash out with such viciousness. After all, no leftist journalist, commentator, student, or keyboard warrior has ever been able to out-argue Milo. In the (very pretty) face of the Milo onslaught, all the Left has is petty insults, half-baked anecdotes, and hurt feelings.

Milo is as dangerous as the title of his book. He is instrumental in the newly reignited culture wars. And with his ever-increasing army of Deplorables cheering on their queen, it looks like he’s going
to win.

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