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The Wogs, Huns, Balts, Poms & Paddys need a 'Voice'!

30 June 2022

12:22 PM

30 June 2022

12:22 PM

Dear Prime Minister,

The time has come for members of the Third Wave of immigrants who arrived in this country to gain their own Voice to Parliament and be recognised in the Constitution.

The Australis Statement from the Sea, named after the ship Australis that brought many migrants to these shores, calls for recognition of Third Wave citizens. We are the many Wogs, Krauts, Frogs, Czechs, Poles, Chings, Curry munchers, Poms, and other migrants who arrived here since the end of the Great War. Many suffered abuse for their strange cultural practices, their odd surnames, and accents, taste in food and clothing, and ignorance of the bush and the beach. 

There has never been an apology to these hard-working families for the abuse they suffered as they dropped their own cultural practises and assimilated into modern Australia. They get no recognition in our founding document. 

Third Wave citizens make up over 50 per cent of the population yet only 10 per cent of politicians in our Federal Parliament were born overseas. Our Indigenous and convict-born brothers and sisters are fairly represented in our Nation’s Parliament, but Third Wave citizens continue to face discrimination on an unprecedented scale.

The Australis Statement from the Sea invites all Australians to walk with them, together on a journey of reconciliation.

We ask for understanding, empowerment, and a future of hope, inclusion, and justice for all.

We call for Third-wave citizens to be given a voice in the lawmaking that governs this continent. A Third Wave voice enshrined in the Constitution and an Althing Commission to supervise a process of agreement-making between government and Third Wave citizens, and truth-telling about our shared past as the basis for lasting reconciliation.

The Third Wave voice to parliament is not a third chamber. It would only advise the parliament, which could accept or reject its advice. The voice would not be able to propose, amend or reject legislation, nor would it scrutinise every bill or motion. The voice would only strengthen parliament’s mandate to make laws. 

Prime Minister, we look forward to the coming referendum that will enshrine our Third Wave voice in the constitution and the day our Third Wave Citizen’s ensign flies alongside our other National Flags.

We know we have your support!

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