May gives Boris a taste of his own medicine

28 June 2022

3:40 AM

28 June 2022

3:40 AM

Oh dear. Is Boris Johnson’s bid to rip up the Northern Ireland Protocol over before it really began? First, Simon Hoare, the chair of the Northern Ireland Select Committee, lobbed a grenade at Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, asking whether her support for the government’s bill was merely ‘a muscle flex for a future leadership bid?’ When the camera panned to Truss on the frontbench, she had, er, left her seat.

And then, in the words of King Louis XV, ‘Après moi, le déluge.’ For shortly after Hoare sat down, it was Theresa May’s time to rise to her feet. The former Prime Minister, who was effectively toppled by Johnson over the issue of Northern Ireland, served her successor a taste of his own medicine by rising to castigate his own efforts to undo the agreement which he struck in 2019.

Clearly enjoying herself, May suggested to the Commons that Johnson is now a lame duck PM, saying that the EU ‘looks very clearly’ at Britain’s current political woes and wonders whether ‘is it really worth negotiating with these people in government’ as ‘will they actually be there for any length of time?’ She would know, of course. May also struck a more forceful note too, arguing that ‘this bill is not, in my view, legal in international law’ adding it will ‘diminish’ the UK in the eyes of the world.

With all these blue-on-blue attacks, Mr S just wonders who the real Leader of the Opposition in parliament actually is?

Theresa May slams the Government’s Northern Ireland Protocol bill:

“This bill is not, in my view, legal in international law. It will not achieve its aims. It will diminish the standing of the United Kingdom in the eyes of the world. And I cannot support it.”

— Adam Schwarz (@AdamJSchwarz) June 27, 2022

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