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Albo and Ardern love-in

10 June 2022

1:06 PM

10 June 2022

1:06 PM

It was all smiles for the pair of socialist hard-left leaders at their first (and nauseating) press conference today.

Within minutes it became clear that Ardern’s Labour government had been deliberately stalling and brick-walling the previous Morrison government, as she announced today changes that had nothing to do with the resolution of political ideas, but were solely re-evaluated because she ‘likes’ Albanese.

For example, nuclear-powered submarines are ‘not a point of contention at all’. Why? Did the domestic politics of New Zealand change? Has nuclear technology changed? Was there a significant shift in threat from China? No. Ardern was simply making life difficult for Morrison for the sake of it, which is not a responsible way to run a ‘friendship’ between nations. It’s the sort of juvenile politicking more familiar to the European continent – ‘vote for our mates or we won’t talk to each other’.

‘Essentially, we agree on our worldview,’ said Prime Minister Albanese, grinning at the podium.

It is a declaration that will make most Australians groan, given that Ardern has been the butt of global jokes for years due to her immature, fringe, and often fascist-style leadership that has seen the escalation of Marxist movements inside New Zealand.

‘When I say that we are family, I mean it sincerely,’ replied Prime Minister Ardern. ‘This is the opportunity for a reset.’

That wouldn’t be a ‘great reset’ – would it?

The language of hated international bureaucracies was littered through the discussion, with both leaders leaning heavily into globalised rhetoric. Astonishingly inaccurate remarks on Climate Change formed the focus of their shared ‘vision’, with Albanese describing it first and foremost as ‘a national security challenge’.

Well, he’s right if we are talking about leaving Australia’s energy grid dependent on Chinese renewables… That was not his point. First on the agenda was a nationally-determined contribution to the (hated) UN Framework Convention on Climate Change with Ardern adding that ‘Climate Change is a global issue that is writ large in our [Pacific] region’ and the ‘number one threat’.

Climate Change is also the number one cash cow of the Pacific, where island nations are expected to take half a billion taxpayer dollars from Albanese in the next few years as part of his ‘climate investment’ while at the same time turning around and taking millions more from China – the biggest environmental vandal in the world.

Albanese’s climate plan is little more than an up-scaling of his domestic election politics; buying loyalty. Money, money, money – all of it ours. The problem is, the Pacific can take Albo’s (our) money and then gift their loyalty to the heavily militarised communists. Albanese offered no solution to this problem other than vague ‘hug it out’ rhetoric.

When specifically questioned about the rise of China in the Pacific, all the pair could offer was to promise to be in ‘lockstep in the Pacific’ and an intention to ‘work without democratic neighbours’ – although they declined to clarify if they included Xi Jinping’s regime in the framework of ‘democratic’. Albanese did table the idea of ‘expanding the presence of the ABC in the region’ as if the network many Australians shudder at the thought of watching would act as a digital ambassador to our neighbours…

There was also a bizarre moment where Albanese said that Australia couldn’t have Dutton walking around the Pacific ‘making jokes about people drowning’. Has Albanese forgotten that people drowned as a direct result of Labor’s border policies – the policies of his party for which he takes no responsibility? If the Pacific should be mad at anyone, it’s him.

The pair of them demonstrated an astounding naivety about the threat of rising communist super-powers. Their late 1800s thinking of ‘we’ll just trade our way of out trouble’ and the disillusionment that Australia and New Zealand locking arms in the Pacific will somehow balance the ship of loyalty is laughable. They appeared as a pair of lab mice, let out of their cage for the first time only to bounce all over the paws of the Chinese tiger in the middle of eating its prey.

‘It’s like Australia has gone out of the naughty corner. We have been in the naughty corner for nine years,’ said Albanese, of his new government. ‘It’s like that for renewables and the energy crisis. Less jobs. Higher cost of living…’

He then blamed – in a moment of sheer lunacy – the current economic crisis and high cost of living on ‘the failure to invest in the renewables industry’ and what is necessary to ‘combat Climate Change’.

Yes, according to Albanese, the leader of this country, we have a cost of living crisis, energy crisis, economic crisis, and food crisis, because we didn’t buy enough solar panels or wind turbines.

It also means that Albanese’s solution will be to sink billions more public money into the pockets of investors instead of unchaining the economy from Covid legislation, red tape, green tape, and suffocating taxation levels.

This is what you voted for, Australia.

Fresh from her Carbon-fuelled trip to America where she invited hundreds of thousands of American tourists to hop on planes and contribute as much CO2 to the atmosphere as possible by jetting to New Zealand, Ardern showered support on Albanese’s 43 per cent reduction by 2030. She cited the ‘considerable effects of coastal erosion and severe weather effects’ – a claim made without evidence for an island whose biggest environmental force is the pair of active tectonic plates beneath its feet. If anyone’s going to be committing catastrophic climate crimes, it’ll be the supervolcano on the North Island.

To finish off the meeting, New Zealand once again pushed Australia to stop deporting New Zealand criminals because the rise in crime has been causing Ardern domestic problems. Too bad, so sad. Albanese said that Ardern had been ‘very forceful in her views’ and that ‘we’ve listened to the concerns’ surrounding 501.

Although Albanese twitched when he was pressed by the media for a proper answer, saying, ‘I can do no such thing because what we won’t do is deal with policy without proper process. I intend to run an orderly government.’ Adding, ‘We deal with each other in mature ways that deal with each other as friends.’

They certainly came off as a pair of friends, but given what we have heard it will be a toxic friendship for Australia’s domestic politics and the wider conversation of national security. Albanese is being pulled into the embrace of radical socialism. It is a romance that doesn’t have a happy ending.

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