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The problem with Covid sticks and carrots? Citizens aren’t horses

6 July 2021

5:03 PM

6 July 2021

5:03 PM

It is one thing to protest your innocence to a crime that you did not commit, but quite another to be guilty of an unjust law. 

In the first instance, an individual can hand themselves calmly over to the police and place their trust in the nation’s legal system to deliver them back to freedom. Faith in blind justice is the backbone of civil peace, where even moments of bad policing are self-corrected by the legal process. 

When you are guilty of an unjust law, the system only serves to consolidate the moral error. These are the social weapons by which political prisoners and cultural revolutionaries are held behind bars for the protection of bureaucracy -– not the citizenry. They are the policy whims and inconsistent demands of politicians on the run. Created in haste and riddled with obvious inconsistencies, politicians direct police to carry them out with overbearing force to avoid any awkward questions of legitimacy. 

People can sense when they are facing the latter. 

In the past 18 months, ordinary and usually law-abiding people, have found themselves guilty of disobeying laws they never consented to obey. These medical mandates may very well be in violation of civil, constitutional and international law and yet there is a deafening silence from the public service. One can only imagine that they are huddled together in a corner somewhere not wanting to draw attention to themselves, clinging to their protected paycheques. 

Australia calls it ‘the pub test’. If it seems wrong to choke women, slam pensioners into the side of police vans, harass grandmothers on park benches for not wearing masks or arrest pregnant women in their homes, and break through people’s front doors for liking Facebook posts -– then it probably is. 

Ordinary people are not usually able to recite their legal rights to the letter when faced with a sudden arrest. The inconsistency between what they presume their rights to be and being confronted with handcuffs invokes a sense of panic that causes people to lash out, committing actual minor offences that give police a reason to arrest. Observers see that this situation was manufactured on unreasonable grounds, creating a cycle of public anger. 

Having grown up in a previously responsible democracy, this has come as a shock to the system. Memes now circulate the internet detailing pieces of the constitution, as people develop a legal paranoia about their government usually found in Socialist and dictatorial regimes.  

Remember, Australia has never been allowed to have the conversation about the acceptable limit of medical tyranny. Those laws were passed in darkness throughout the century with almost no public consultation. Worse, we are living through a period of medical infancy regarding Covid vaccines in which the supposedly unquestionable science put out by social media changes every day. 

When consistent inconsistencies are used to silence, coerce, and imprison people –- conflict with the government is inevitable. 

At the time of writing this article, countries like Italy and Canada advise the mixing of Covid vaccines while most of Europe warns against it. Some brands are banned for certain age groups in one country and encouraged in another. There is no coherent global rhetoric other than to ‘do as you’re told’ and yet those who ask questions or reblog medical reports are banned from online platforms for daring to pick at what is clearly a confused mess. 

The problem began with the concept of ‘settled science’. 

Science has long been the plaything of influential organisations. Knowledge is power and science is the quest for knowledge. 

In ancient times, those who possessed the latest scientific advancements conquered their neighbours and provided for their civilisations. As the secrets of the world once held tightly within the grip of religion began to unravel at the inquisition of curious minds, religious leaders took control of the discipline. The authoritative word of science was corrupted by politics and fear, forcing its practitioners to uphold the accepted social orders and truths regardless of what the evidence revealed. Those who followed the evidence rather than the political instruction were tortured, excommunicated, and murdered. 

The modern climate change movement is a resurrection of this behaviour, with statements like ‘the science is settled’ appearing in place of evidence. True scientists know that the science is never settled. It sits on display, daring the world to find a contradiction. Survival in the face of relentless scrutiny is what sets science apart from dogma while real scientists pride themselves on surviving repeated confrontations. So-called ‘scientific’ disciplines that coerce the government into censoring questions and wrapping its doctrine in legal bubble-wrap are not science at all. 

At best, ‘settled science’ can be used to describe a collection of disciplines that appear as shadows of science – nervous ideas that know full well that their content is littered with corruption and guesswork. 

Covid vaccines have become a parallel problem. With global political careers on the line and a literal fortune of taxpayer money redistributed to Big Pharma, corporate friends of the government, and social media giants during the pandemic –- an inconvenient truth could trigger revolution …or at the very least, some nasty compensation cases. 

Considering governments are essentially forcing the population to take part in an unprecedented medical trial, uncensored feedback is paramount. Covering up side effects or hushing concerns is the antithesis of good scientific practice, yet this is exactly what is being demanded. 

This is how we arrive at the intolerable reality of 2021. 

Governments openly stalk the citizenry in a way that would have required a warrant at any other point in history. QR check-ins for takeaway coffee? Personal data left open on the counters of businesses in violation of retail law? The government handing over contact tracing data to police for criminal investigations? 

For those who point out that this is the same as smartphones collecting your private data – it is fundamentally different. Private companies might try to sneakily make a profit off your information, but the government has the power to imprison you. There is a reason that data collection by the government was put under the strictest regulation. The men who built our political system knew full well that bureaucracy has the self-control of a gambler. Privacy is the last line of protection that people have from a corrupt state. 

Plenty of well-intentioned people are seeking cracks in unreasonable law. Manipulating the loopholes of ridiculous systems can be an intriguing game, but to those who invent excuses to avoid mask regulations or check-in sheets, I warn you that playing their game means that you can be trapped by it. Citizens should not have to lie their way around unjust laws. If something is wrong, it must be opposed in the open. 

If history teaches us anything, it is that you can never be compliant enough to earn your freedom. 

Western leaders are trying out Covid Socialism and getting addicted to it. What started out like a kid in the candy store has become an ice user gnawing their own arms off and attacking people in the streets. When the government offers carrots and sticks, remind them that citizens are not donkeys and Australia isn’t a paddock in Animal Farm. 

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at Ko-Fi.

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