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Ten truths about the Wuhan virus

Australia under authoritarian rule

10 July 2021

9:00 AM

10 July 2021

9:00 AM

Ten truths have emerged from the Wuhan virus, truths which should have always guided our leaders.  Most became obvious soon after its arrival. And as they emerged, most were noted here. Not that I am especially gifted as some sort of prophet. All anyone had to do was to rely on two things, as so many readers do.

The first is the truth, assisted by reliable sources and seen through the prism of sound principles, such as those found in our Western Judeo-Christian values.

Reliable sources are available in those responsible media which adhere to the media’s first duty declared long ago by the Times. This is to obtain the earliest and most correct intelligence of the events of the time and instantly, by disclosing them, to make them the common property of the nation.

The media’s duty is never to tailor the news to fit some agenda.

Recently invited to speak on the life and times of Prince Philip, I have had to remind audiences of the ways in which many in the Australian media were prepared to misrepresent his Australian knighthood merely to advance the agenda of a treacherous cabal within Abbott‘s chosen Cabinet plotting to replace him with Turnbull.

The second thing those wishing to be informed must rely on is the sort of common sense that guides so many in such diverse fields as small business, the trades and farming. Unfortunately, such common sense increasingly eludes not only the academy but also the political class as well as national organisations claiming to represent interests as diverse as big business or farming. (Just consider the extraordinary and unjustified endorsement by the Business Council of Australia  and the National Farmers Federation of net zero CO2 emissions)

Much of this widespread relinquishment of common sense is related not to the decline of religion but rather, the emergence of a new religion. This is manifest in its dogmas, discredited theories ranging from man-made global warming, critical race theory (any ‘theory’ qualified as ‘critical’ is usually a fabricated Marxist assertion) and to gender fluidity. That this new religion is Marxist-based must  amuse the multi-billionaires in Beijing’s politburo as they gleefully see the West (including and perhaps especially Australia) committing national suicide before their very eyes.

Marxism had to change, with comrades, from Lenin on, realising Marx was wrong on one fundamental point. The workers were never going to revolt to create a communist utopia. What they wanted was to keep their traditional beliefs and values while enjoying increasing wealth. That is why Britain and especially America never had strong communist parties, with Americans only becoming interested recently as politicians ruin the free and healthy by making them dependent. The classic example of this was when Lyndon Johnson, through his Great Society, destroyed so many black families.

The ten truths follow.

First, the thing to do when the virus emerged was to seal the international borders (especially for those countries lucky enough to be remote islands) but only until the virulence of the virus could be assessed. We have had more than enough time to do that. Worse than the flu, Wuhan is, for example, obviously not as serious as poliomyelitis.

Second, it soon became clear that the likely origin of the virus was a laboratory. Only the naive would believe this was for gain-for-function research; from this regime it was obviously for military purposes.

Third, communist-style lockdowns or internal border closures are alien to our constitutional system, unjustified  and seriously damaging to human rights and the economy. In particular, the refusal of permission to visit dying relatives is unnecessary and constitutes a cruel and unusual punishment of the innocent.

Fourth, through cooperation with the Trump administration, massive reparations should have been and could still be collected from the communists. This, at the very least, for their crime in allowing New Year revellers to spread the virus across the world while closing internal travel and in denying what they knew to be true; that is human-to-human transmission was occurring.

Fifth, the principal aim should have been to protect the vulnerable and to use medicines, as proven by eminent scientists, in the treatment of the virus; medicines such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Sixth, the private and public partnerships to enable the faster approval and production of vaccines in Operation Warp Speed, announced by President Trump on 15 May 2020, indicated that Australia should ensure that the widest range of vaccines was readily available to those Australians who wish to be vaccinated.

Seventh, the fundamental principles of our democracy and human rights are not being observed. There is no justification for their curtailment because of the virus.

Being designed as a federal commonwealth, Australia should have taken advantage of federalism to allow the assessment of lawful divergences in responses to the virus. Australia has, contrary to its constitution, become one of the most centralised and uniform federations in the world. Along with this usurpation of power by Canberra, the states  have become excessively concentrated in their capitals.

It is completely unacceptable that most of the usual checks and balances on the abuse of power by politicians, federal and state, have been neutralised in relation to the virus.

Eighth, now an institution totally captured and seriously damaged by those twin evils, career politicians and powerbrokers, representative democracy must be made fully accountable to the people, 24/7.

Ninth, the crisis has demonstrated how far much of our media have departed from being free and responsible to being an accomplice to the politicians’ agenda.

Tenth, this sad saga demonstrates the eternal truth of Ronald Reagan’s warning: freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. As he said, ‘It must be fought for, protected, and handed on (to our children) for them to do the same’.

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