Watch: Keir Starmer refuses to deny taking drugs at university

2 June 2021

7:17 AM

2 June 2021

7:17 AM

Keir Starmer’s appearance on Piers Morgan’s ‘Life Stories’ is a sign of desperation. The Labour leader knows he must do something about the dire situation his party is in, following the disastrous defeat at the Hartlepool by-election. One of the big criticisms levelled at Starmer is that he lacks charisma. His decision to agree to be interviewed by Morgan is an attempt to do something about that, by showing people the ‘real’ Starmer.

Unfortunately, though, it seems there are some things that remain off limits, not least what Starmer the student got up to during his time at Leeds university.

Morgan quizzed Starmer at least ten times on whether the Labour leader had ever dabbled in anything stronger than alcohol. But Starmer repeatedly refused to say:

Morgan: So cheeky spliff, here and there?

Starmer: Drugs are not my thing.

Morgan: It’s a yes or no, lawyer?

Morgan: I don’t want to labour the point….but am I right in assuming that you have tried drugs but didn’t actually like them?

Starmer: Piers, we had a good time at university.

Morgan: So that’s a yes?

Starmer: We had a good time at university

Oh dear. So much for Starmer’s attempt to reveal the real him….

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