Lori Lightfoot ruins the CRT racket

31 May 2021

12:30 AM

31 May 2021

12:30 AM

Give some credit to Lori Lightfoot. She’s really good at wrecking things.

When America’s most Innsmouth-ian politician took over Chicago in spring 2019 (presumably for lack of any other volunteers), it was hard to imagine screwing up the city worse than it already was. The city was already losing population. It already had the most murders of any US city and a top-30 violent crime rate overall.

But Lightfoot rose to the challenge and then some. She inherited a city with 563 murders the year before she took office. In the 365 days between George Floyd’s death and the one-year anniversary of his demise, the city clocked more than 800, including 105 in a single month and 18 in a single day. When hundreds of city buildings were looted in the nation’s worth rioting outside Minneapolis, Lightfoot’s response to an upset alderman was ‘No offense — fuck you.’ When the alderman somebody leaked the audio to the public, Lightfoot accused him of breaking the law, but it turned out the one breaking the law was Lightfoot herself by holding secret conference calls with the city council.

And while 2020 was a banner year for Democratic bigwigs passing strict regulations and then exempting themselves, Lightfoot still easily took the top prize by saying she deserved to ignore her own ban on salon visits because she went on television a lot. Lightfoot may easily be the shoddiest effort at local governance Cockburn has ever seen — and Cockburn has both lived in Washington DC and smelled San Francisco.

But not content with ruining Chicago, Lightfoot has moved on to bigger fry: ruining the lucrative critical race theory scam. Last week, Lightfoot decided to celebrate two years in office by granting one-on-one interviews, but only with ‘people of color’. All Lightfoot had to do was give all the interviews to non-white reporters and just not say anything. But like so many other ogreish fans of the current racial moment, Lightfoot couldn’t stop herself from bragging about it. She sent out a press release to everybody bragging that she would not grant interviews to those awful whites.

Now, Lightfoot is getting sued. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Thomas Catenacci has taken the most routine experience imaginable, requesting an interview and not getting it, and turned it into a bona fide federal lawsuit backed by Judicial Watch. The lawsuit might even win!

‘Mayor Lightfoot’s policy is racist and an example of unabashed discrimination,’ Catenacci told Cockburn. ‘Racism should never be tolerated. I look forward to my day in court and preventing such a policy from becoming precedent.’

And just like that, Lightfoot might have gone and put the 2021 anti-white racism hustle in danger. Having the entire K-PhD education system vilify white people, vague but menacing demands for diversity set-asides, emptying prisons and demobilizing the police, all of that can be pulled off with ease in America’s current agitated state. Wokeness thrives on the vague promise that this can all work out mutually beneficial for everyone in the end. But most Americans are still just resistant enough to programming to realize that the government putting up ‘no whites allowed’ signs is bad, and is just as racist in intention as Jim Crow a half-century ago. And now instead of hiding the plan, Lightfoot has gone and rubbed everyone’s faces in it.

One question remains, though: will the Daily Caller News Foundation be able to pursue its lawsuit if Lightfoot returns to her home city of Y’ha-nthlei to resume her eternal worship of Dagon the Fish God?

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