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Jews pretending to support Israel

19 May 2021

1:41 PM

19 May 2021

1:41 PM

Israel is at war. I have many friends and relatives in Israel of all ages and they rush to assure me that they are okay, and things are good, but I can see that they are not. This is why I am particularly enraged by Jews who feel their moral obligation is to make sure everyone in the world is doing well, and to criticize any form of common sense and logic in very real situations, such as what is currently obvious in Israel.  

Debating what could have, should have and would have been the best way to help the Palestinians over the decades is not the current issue. My personal view is that Palestinian leadership was given way too much money by the global community that they put in their own pockets and did nothing for the Palestinian people they were supposed to represent. They actually made an art form out of it, creating agencies and new rules for refugees that would make sure the actual number of Palestinian refugees grew each year and they all continued to receive huge amounts of money. I challenge anyone to find any population that refugees have remained in this status for this long, with numbers only increasing. Never happened and by definition we should be looking at why this was allowed to happen, but I digress, just saying not everything is Israel’s fault.  

So in this rash of immediate information, news organizations find bizarre so-called ‘experts’ to discuss what is happening on the ground in Israel and Gaza.  I use the term bizarre carefully, but there have been some very inept professors, who because they are Jewish, are invited on radio or television to inform us, and all they do is twist the truth with their own Israel hating agendas.  

Here are some notes I took from only a 10-minute segment on a Melbourne radio show, where I believe the host was really wanting an ‘expert’ opinion, instead he got misleading and damaging information from a ‘professor’ who belongs to a fringe Jewish organization that has been publicly discredited by the Israel government in addition to others, publicly, in the press. 

I’ll just use his first name, and illustrate what he says, that really is a spin on the truthMark says this is a political problem and no military approach will solve the problem. No Mark, this is not politics, this is a real military problem that Israel is now dealing with. 

On the topic of lynching in the streets, which was reported as happening by Jews infuriated that Jews were being lynched in the streets of Israel by Arabs. Mark fails to point out that Jews lynching Arabs are quickly condemned by other Jews and the Government of Israel. Lynching on the Arab side are being encouraged in Mosques and houses of worship and praised not condemned.  This is not tit for tat in the playground as he tries to imply. Palestinians are being incited to violence. Isn’t that an important distinction to make?  

Mark says there is a vacuum of leadership on all sides. That is just nonsense. The leadership from Hamas was very clear in its intent to destroy Israel with an enormous barrage of rockets. Leadership in Israel was swift and definitive. They will not allow this to happen. Leadership intent is clear, no vacuum. Up until now, Israeli leadership has been seeking an alternative path to Peace through Abraham Accords – excellent leadership strategy. There is definite strong leadership on the Israeli side to try and resolve the problem peacefully 

Mark says that younger Palestinians have been living under Israeli Occupation but fails to point out the Palestinians could have been living in their own state had their leadership accepted any one of the myriad of options offered to their leaders. (See earlier remarks about how is it possible to even be a refugee for so long)The Occupation the Palestinians are living under is only a result of their leadership wanting to keep them as refugees and victims. There is no other group of people in the world or in history that have not only remained as refugees for as long as the Palestinians, but also grown in number. This is an outrageous situation caused by their own leadership.  Mark knows this very well. 

He also knows that this recent eviction from the property he refers to was only done after all official court proceedings were exhausted.  The fact is the property was owned by Jews, title was obvious and available and Israel is a country of laws. In fact, most judges tend to favour the Palestinians in any dispute, but these tenants were in clear violation of the law.  

Again, 3,000 rocket attacks is in no way a rational response. Why is no one questioning why they have more than 3,000 rockets to launch? 

Mark completely misrepresents Jerusalem Day. He uses the terms ‘radical’ and ‘settlers’ which shows his disregard for this day which was declared a national holiday because after 3,000 years the City of Jerusalem was not only back in the hands of Israel, but also united. This is a huge holiday that brings people from all over the country together to celebrate, sing, dance and be joyful. Look back at any of the footage of the 6 Day War and the reunification of Jerusalem is a major celebration!  As an aside, with no negotiation and without being asked, Moshe Dayan, who lead the Israelis to the holy wall, and reunited the city,  then immediately called on the Mufti of Jerusalem as a symbol of peace and goodwill and handed him the keys to the Al Aqsa Mosque. In retrospect a huge mistake, but his intentions were honourable. Now the Arabs will not allow the Jews into the area even temporarily to pray. My view is they should give the key back.  Check out the history, it was seriously done as a gesture of goodwill.  

Mark also claims that Israel blocked the Damascus Gate and attacked the Al Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan. The truth is the opposite. Israel not only makes sure there is full access to the Al Aqsa Mosque on Ramadan but even issues additional visas so more Muslims can come in to pray there. This a checkable fact, so Mark throwing Israel under the bus by suggesting the opposite can be verified.  

Mark admits the firing of rockets by Hamas is a war crime, but quickly blames ‘settlers’ in Israel for expanding into East Jerusalem for Hamas firing the rockets. All property where Jews live in East Jerusalem is bought and paid for at a very high price and ratified by laws and contracts. Mark knows this.  

Every time he says ‘both sides’ his moral equivalence of the democratic state of Israel defending its people with the terrorism and lawlessness of Hamas, has no place in a real discourse on the subject.  Unless the aim is to demonize and belittle Israel, which in Mark’s case, it obviously is. 

Mark says the social fabric of Israel is breaking down, nothing could be further from the truth. The whole country is under attack and women and children are suffering, and traumatized but they all realize they are experiencing this as a matter of survival,  and have never been more resolute in their directive to the government, especially Netanyahu who is the most experienced leader Israel has, to do what he has to do to make sure this does not keep happening.  That is not a society breaking down but a resoluteness for survival. If Hamas wins even once, Israel is gone.  

The Abraham Accords were fully to the credit of Donald Trump. Jarrad Kushner did a magnificent job, but it would not have been possible without Trump, and Mark dishonestly rewrites this history.  This was done without the Palestinian participation because with the Palestinians there has been no cooperation. They have made themselves irrelevant.   

Mark is totally wrong about outside intervention being required. Israel has learned the hard way, it is great to have friends, but ultimately Israel can only rely on herself. Mark of all people should understand this, and especially with the people Biden has been putting in place, intervention from America at the moment would only be a disaster.  

Mark then pushes the outrageous story that the Jews are the ones who have been radicalized and because they are fighting back, are responsible for the violence. He never mentions the calls to violence coming from the Mosques and Imams. His story is that there are only poor Palestinians and radicalised violent Jews.  

And all of this in just a brief 10-minute interview.  

Please be mindful when listening to updates on this situation. Probably a good idea to get your information from The Spectator Australia.  

Lily Steiner is an active member of the community, radio host on www.J-Air.com.au listen to her podcasts LilyHighOnLifel. She is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and works with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs. 

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