When will Eddie Izzard get the message?

13 March 2021

12:46 AM

13 March 2021

12:46 AM

Eddie Izzard is a serial election loser, but try telling him that. The comedian has tried – and failed – three times to win a place on Labour’s National Executive Committee. But not put off by getting fewer votes than a man disowned by Momentum over anti-Semitism allegations in his last outing, Izzard wants to try again.

This time, Izzard is seeking to have a crack at winning a seat in the Commons. Asked by the Guardian whether the plan is to enter politics, he said:

‘Yep. I’m not mucking about with this. I’m going in.’

But what happens if – as is quite likely – Izzard’s attempt doesn’t pay off? According to Izzard, the plan is simple: he’ll just keeping trying:

‘If something goes wrong, if I stand in a byelection and I don’t get in, I’ll still go on. It doesn’t really matter because I am a relentless bastard.’

Mr S wishes him luck. He’ll certainly need it. Still, at least Izzard has got one thing planned about life as a politician: his choice of outfit. Izzard says that when he eventually wins a seat, he’s got a shirt and jacket ready for the occasion…

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