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Two can play the cancel game

2 March 2021

1:49 PM

2 March 2021

1:49 PM

Conservatives, can we all agree to stop apologizing for our politics and beliefs? Can we choose to back ourselves, and our traditional values, whenever the Left and their media attack dogs try to bully us into shutting up? For years, cancel culture has been tearing down statues, rewriting history and turning neighbour against neighbour with its divide-and-conquer identity politics.

Meanwhile, conservatives who refuse to drink the Left’s woke Kool-Aid get demonized with slanderous labels like “white supremacist, racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe and transphobe.” It’s full-scale psychological warfare against common sense.

Christian and secular conservatives alike, try to turn the other cheek when called bad names. But maybe it’s time to go ‘Old Testament’ on these radicals and corporate creeps with an eye for an eye. Imagine what would happen if 75 million Republican voters decided to Drink No Coke to protest Coca-Cola’s recent “Be Less White” campaign.

Fed up conservatives across the globe, it’s time to call bullcrap on all this politically correct nonsense. We can use our voices and wallets to push back against the Left’s propaganda which is infecting Western Culture faster than Covid-19.

For proof, turn on almost any national or cable news source to hear Leftist activists posing as objective ‘journalists’ spouting anti-factual mumbo jumbo like:

  • Modern America and other Western Democracies are systemically racist.
  • The police discriminate against minorities.
  • Boys can simply say they are girls, hang out in female locker rooms and compete in women’s sports.
  • Young girls questioning their womanhood should take ‘fashionable’ puberty-blocking drugs and mutilate their bodies. While mom and dad face criminal charges if they protest. (see Abigail Shrier’s book: Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters)
  • A fetus is a disposable, non-person.
  • Joe Biden is compos mentis.

Bestselling author and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has spent his career debunking these, and many other, ‘scripts’ from the Left with his trademark “facts don’t care about your feelings” approach. Shapiro’s dailywire.com offers entertaining news shows to inform and empower his subscribers with a balanced analysis of current political topics.

Yet regardless of how informed conservatives are or how well we can hold our own in a debate, free speech is rapidly being snuffed out by cancel culture. This constitutional right allows ideas to be aired and challenged on both sides of politics. True tolerance of diversity means every voice has a seat at the table. Unfortunately, Lefties end up calling everything they disagree with “hate speech.”

Gina Carano, Disney’s star of The Mandalorian, was recently fired for expressing her opinion about the underdog status of conservatives on Twitter. She lost her career over the tweet. Carano is the latest sacrificial lamb used to gag, by proxy, the rest of us. Newsflash: The Muppets are racist now. Apparently, Miss Piggy voted for Trump.

How about boycotting Coke, Disney, Nike and everyone else who kneels before the Left? Denting the profits of companies that look down their noses at conservatives will send a clear message. Let’s vote with our dollars and rebuild a conservative-friendly economy one Dr Pepper at a time.

Rob Tiller lives between Texas and Western Australia working as a psychotherapist and couples counsellor. He’s interested in the intersection between psychology and politics with articles published on both continents.

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