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Trump: best yet to come (part 2)

The question of legitimacy clouds the Biden and Harris administration

6 March 2021

9:00 AM

6 March 2021

9:00 AM

My assessment of Donald Trump, confirmed by his superb CPAC speech, attracted  a version of the elites’ current default critical race theory response: ‘You racist jerk’.

Racist? In my youth, the front-page banner on the nation’s leading journal demanded ‘Australia For The White Man’. I would often be reminded of my  origin even by adult strangers.

I have always resisted playing the victim, especially over jocular banter which the lazier London media so long pretended was shocking when uttered by Prince Philip.

But for the 1998 Convention Election campaign, I did mention my origins. Reprimanded by the Fairfax press, I explained this was to counter their dismissal of the Crown as alien and white. Then, a few years ago, a site promoting a politicians’ republic regularly damned me as that ‘perma-tanned Indonesian-born blow-in’.

A gift indeed, a great way to begin an after-dinner speech.

Critical race theory is but one of the myths pouring out of American universities. Its strongest proponent is the party of slavery and segregation, led by the White House Pretender who himself  emerged as a prominent segregationist Senator and who now declares that any African-American daring not to vote for him is not black.

All these myths are part of the neo-Marxist armoury designed to bring down Western civilisation. The priority of the cabal of ‘important people’ recently revealed by Time magazine was not only to remove Trump, it was to ensure no other outsider ever dares disempower their swamp. What unites them is the veritable cornucopia Beijing offers, even if the price is US and Western decline.

Pseudo-scientific, these myths are slipped into the curriculum by our captured teaching institutions, no matter which party is in power. Orwellian Newspeak is typically used to limit discourse to approved thought. Thus using ‘gender’ instead of ‘sex’ concedes that being a man or woman is not determined at birth but by choice. This has consequences illustrated by the fact that the Pretender has, by a stroke of his pen, destroyed women’s sport as well as the security of women’s lavatories, etc.

Resistance to these changes is sanctioned, if not by law, by the social media, key members of Time’s cabal.

(Incidentally full marks to the Australian government for so successfully standing up to the anti-Trump social media monopolists.)

The central myth today is the discredited theory of anthropogenic ‘global warming’. Because warming inconveniently stalled, Newspeak now uses ‘climate change’. According to a UN functionary in a moment of candour, its true  purpose is to impose a global socialist model. Although Beijing has promised net zero emissions, just as they promise not to commit genocide, they are laughing all the way to this nation’s downfall, building last year more than three times as much new coal power capacity as all other countries combined.

Recently, while the band played Amazing Grace, the mass-attending, rosary-carrying Pretender honoured the 500,000 Americans said to have died ‘from’ (more likely ‘with’) the Wuhan virus. But when he restored US$9 billion in foreign aid to abort or kill foreign babies previously disallowed by President Trump, no band played for the 30 million babies, disproportionately black, killed under the Supreme Court’s invention of a constitutional right based on the myth of women’s choice.

Such is the power of the delinquent US mainstream media, even conservative commentators seem obliged to attack Trump over two things, his daring to question the integrity of the election but also, what can best be described as his lack of the sort of gravitas attained by the Pretender or by Barack Obama.

As to the election, US commentator Sebastian Gorka explained to Andrew Bolt on The Bolt Report on Sky News Australia that rather than Trump having no evidence of fraud he had a veritable mountain which judges curiously found technical reasons not even to hear. This judicial reluctance was repeated recently when six Supreme Court justices scandalously ducked the opportunity to clean up, for the future, blatant constitutional breaches to do with changing electoral law. The six sadly included two Trump appointments, Kavanagh and Barrett. The fact is Trump was not only entitled to raise election integrity, he had a moral and constitutional obligation to do so.

Common sense indicates that, as with credit cards, any opening for fraud will be used. The more you move away from the polling station-based secret (or Australian) ballot , the more fraud is deliberately enabled. And when politicians talk about making voting easier, the more they want to make fraud easier. The Australian governments’ decision to experiment with the names of some voters being struck off on an electronic roll is suspiciously tame. This should be universal at the next election as should photo-identification on voting and especially registration. Expressing preferences should be optional and the elections should only be on one day.

As to Trump not having gravitas, he never claimed his inauguration would stop global warming, he never used the IRS against opponents, he never wiretapped an opponent on fraudulent grounds, he never funded Iran to develop nuclear energy nor derailed action against their Hezbollah client when they were funnelling cocaine into the US, he never abandoned diplomats attacked by terrorists in a US embassy nor then lied about the reason, he never unleashed a war, he never broke his promise to move the embassy to Jerusalem, he never hid from the media, he never allowed anyone in his administration to sell access and influence to foreign oligarchs, he never promised Russia that he would go soft after the election, he never threw the borders open nor did he ever fail to act to prevent the theft and transfer of intellectual property to Beijing.

He did none of these things. Instead he made America and the West great again. And, God willing, the best is yet to come.

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