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Yassmin plays dress-ups

8 February 2021

11:31 AM

8 February 2021

11:31 AM

When she’s not busy disrespecting our servicemen and women, flouncing around her grand residency in Paris courtesy of the Australia Council, or recounting her generous grant dollars, Yassmin Abdel-Magied (YAM) is all about fashion, dah-ling.  

She discussed her style and inspiration in The SMAge’s Sunday Life glossy liftout 

And, surprise surprise, style to her is all about power.  

“It’s about creating some sort of statement and feeling powerful,” she said, adding that she has around 150 scarves (is this where the grant windfalls go?).

She said the oldest thing in her wardrobe is a “bespoke marching band jacket from the ‘60s that I bought in the US. It’s moss green and quite beautiful; I like finding pieces that have a bit of a story.  

Hmm, that’s strange coming from someone who hates history.  

The most recent addition to her wardrobe is a “long kaftan from Uzbekistan”.  

Wait. YAM is from Khartoum in Sudan. She’d better hope she doesn’t get slammed for “cultural appropriation” 

She also confirmed that her favourite outfit as a child was a dress. 

So, at least that underscored her gender.  

YAM says her favourite designer is Celine. “I’ve always been a fan; my first expensive purchase was a Celine bag.” 

Her “first? So, presumably, of many?  

Bear in mind that Celine bags will set you back north of $3,000, so those arts grants really would come in handy to fund an expensive fashion habit.  

Aside from that, she ticked off key buzzwords on the PC bingo card including “ethical”, “sustainable” and “hijab-friendly”.  

Giving us a glimpse into her life right now, YAM said, “At the moment, my work is a mix of speaking, broadcasting and writing. When I’m presenting, [I wear] a power blazer with patterned trousers and a statement earring. Working from home I’ve started to get a little luxurious with my loungewear…” 

If ever there were eight words strung together that highlight precisely what down to earth, hard-working Aussie battlers loathe about arrogant, elitist exhibitionist feminists, it would be, “get a little luxurious with my loungewear.” 


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