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Facebook follies: Labor can’t tell their arse from their Albo

18 February 2021

1:11 PM

18 February 2021

1:11 PM

Labour communications Michelle Rowland, this morning:

Make no mistake, the impact of the decision by Facebook today, which has been effective immediately, is profound, it is profound for Australian consumers, businesses and also media outlets.

It is incumbent on the Government to explain clearly, precisely and urgently what is going on and what the impact will be. Not only that, what it intends to do about it…

Labor has been consistent that the objective of this exercise initiated by the ACCC, in bringing in a workable media code to ensure that we have a thriving public interest journalism sector in Australia and a sustainable media industry needs to be upheld.

We need a workable code…

Labor in the House of Representatives last night:

Voted to support the very same code Rowland is attacking today.

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