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The Year of Lying Dangerously

In 2021, truth is stranger than fiction

9 January 2021

9:00 AM

9 January 2021

9:00 AM

‘Ring out the old, ring in the new, ring out the false, ring in the true,’ wrote Alfred Lord Tennyson. It is hard to think of a more fitting sentiment at the start of 2021 after a plague of falsehoods foisted on us for our own good. If 2020 was the Year of Lying Dangerously, 2021 is set to become the Year of Truth Stranger Than Fiction.

Who would have imagined 12 months  ago that an investigation team selected by the panda-hugging World Health Organisation would be prevented from entering China to investigate the origins of the Sars-Cov-2 virus? If anybody could be trusted to fill their glasses with Chinese Kool aid, raise them in front of President Xi Jinping’s portrait and cry Ganbei! it was surely these credulous creatures, the people who told us this time last year that a mystery pneumonia that just happened to appear in the Chinese capital of bat virus research could not possibly have leaked from a lab and 12 months later tell us that they never ruled out the possibility.

Who would have thought that the WHO would have dared to express its ‘disappointment’ no less, that the investigation team’s visas still haven’t been approved? This time 12 months ago, the WHO dutifully told us that the mystery pneumonia which had already been circulating for more than a month in Wuhan was not at all contagious because that was what China had told them. They didn’t even answer the phone when Taiwan called to advise them that the virus was a highly infectious new form of Sars as they began quarantining incoming arrivals from China on New Year’s Eve. Loyal to Beijing, the WHO repeated its lies, allowing the virus to spread around the world.

Since January is the month for making New Year’s resolutions, here’s a list of lies that it would be nice if our leaders would resolve never to tell us again. Not all of them relate to the mystery pneumonia, now better known as COVID-19, but all of them offer reasons why we should be skeptical of our governments and the so-called experts to whom they outsource the really important decisions.

The Big Green Lie of last January’s bushfires was the claim that they burnt so intensely because of catastrophic global warming rather than the catastrophic fuel loads that had accumulated because of relentless Green objections to mandated burns.

The Chinese Communist Party has provided a bulk supply of Big Red Lies, first telling us that the virus had athletically leapt the species barrier in Wuhan’s Wet Food Market and then that it had come from abroad; Italy, Spain, the US and even Australia. Those who dared to contradict these tall tales were branded conspiracy theorists. Yet 12 months later, even Reuters and  Associated Press have reported that the virus likely originated in a mineshaft in Mojiang, 1800 kms southwest of Wuhan, a mineshaft that the Chinese secret service is so desperate to prevent journalists or scientists reaching that it puts primitive road blocks, such as broken down trucks, in the path of inquisitive Westerners.

Chinese scientists truthfully told the world about was the efficacy of chloroquine and its analogue HCQ in the early treatment of Covid-19 but Big Pharma and its flunkies stepped in with studies conducted by the WHO, the UK Recovery team and a fantastical outfit in the US called Surgisphere, staffed by a science fiction writer, an adult content model and dodgy Indian doctor. All three used either toxic doses or fraudulent data to terrify people that HCQ was not effective and was even dangerous. It has cost hundreds of thousands of people their life in the US and Western Europe, where HCQ has either been banned or deeply discouraged. Yet India which persisted in using this simple generic treatment in low doses for early treatment, has a per capita mortality rate which is less than the rate in Victoria and less than a tenth of the rate in the US.

To add insult to injury, the Left blamed Trump for the appalling US death rate when it was he who correctly advocated the use of HCQ. In Australia,  ivermectin, which has been shown to have an even more dramatic therapeutic benefit in randomised controlled trials and observational studies, has been ignored.

As the US election came into view, the Blue Wave, on the back of which Joe Biden was meant to surf into the White House, turned into the Black Lies of a far-Left Marxist reincarnation of the Black Panthers, which rampaged through the streets of Democrat-controlled cities, claiming to be an an innocent, non-partisan, anti-racist movement.  It was abetted by media reports that insisted the demonstrators were peacefully ‘protesting’ as they set cities alight. This artifice was buttressed by the Big White Supremacist Lie which maintained that voting for Trump was the same as voting for Hitler.

Big Tech helped out by flagging anything Trump tweeted as dubious or dangerous and censoring any newspaper that dared to publish a news story that was unhelpful to Team Biden. Thus, the New York Post had its twitter accounts frozen when it reported in October on the contents of a laptop which Joe Biden’s son abandoned in a Delaware computer store and contained emails which indicate that Biden senior lied about his knowledge of and involvement in his son’s multimillion dollar dodgy dealings with the Ukraine and China. Yet all this is reported in the mainstream media, now that the US election has been safely won by the Left’s preferred candidate.

How ironic. After years of media investigations that claimed foreign influence was being wielded by Russia over Trump, the truth is that foreign influence is being wielded by China over Biden. Just ask the hilariously named Chinese spy, Fragrant Fang, who seduced Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell with her sparkling smile, while he just happened to have a seat on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

As the plague year drew to a close, the pandemic which played a vital role in derailing Trump’s second term was still cutting a swathe through octogenarians. On Christmas Eve however, when no-one was watching, the American Medical Association passed a resolution supporting the right of doctors to use HCQ to treat Covid.

Tired of viruses, the UN was itching to switch back to its Evergreen Climate Lies, with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urging all countries to declare a climate emergency or face ‘catastrophic’ results.  Prime Minister Morrison was castigated for lacking ‘ambition’ despite the fact that Australia will overachieve on its carbon reduction commitments, while China will continue to grow its gargantuan carbon footprint for another decade.

As Chairman Xi mouthed platitudes at the UN’s Climate Chinwag it would be tempting to think that the nightmare of 2020 never happened but that would be the most dangerous lie of all.

As Xi he surveys the globe he will recall his mentor Mao saying, ‘Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.’  As the West, counts its losses, could our leaders perhaps resolve, that in 2021, we can no longer afford the luxury of lies.

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