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Once upon a time we had a plebiscite to change the national anthem – and try telling the Premiers we are ‘one and free’

1 January 2021

4:41 PM

1 January 2021

4:41 PM

Australians all awoke today to discover that we are “one and free”.

Yes. Just like that.

Even despite the best efforts of the authorities to quell New Year’s Eve celebrations and keep the permitted rejoicing as subdued as possible, we still rose with a “Huh?”

For example, if we are “one”, how is it that State Premiers are allowed to freelance border controls, separating families?

If we are “free”, how is it that civil liberties have been trashed for the past 12 months, with barely a word from the Liberal Party? The Prime Minister is changing the lyrics while the Premiers play the same old dirge.

Moreover, we all woke up this morning to find our national anthem had been changed without a shred of consultation. Scott Morrison provided no explanation for the decision at his press conference today that went beyond “it’s the vibe” — and, amazingly, there appeared to be no questioning on the processes issues from the media whatsoever. Instead, the only journo with any interest in the detail offered a “There are many who say it doesn’t go far enough and would like to see a complete rewrite”.

It doesn’t matter that most Australians would probably support the change, the fact that the PM just went ahead and did it is symptomatic of a worrying trend where our ruling class now feel emboldened to make all sorts of laws, without consultation.

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