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Budget 2020: the wrong type of compassion

7 October 2020

6:49 PM

7 October 2020

6:49 PM

Federal Budget day is a political commentators’ wet dream. It’s also a spectator’s sport for any politics junkie watching ABC analysts or the ALP try to find their respective arses with both hands. There are plenty of hot takes and not so hot takes, as ideology, politics, finance and economics are thrown into the blender to produce the yearly cocktail that is the federal budget. 

And this year’s budget is particularly potent. There is cash for days in an attempt to soften the blow of recent economic turmoil and support the economy as it tries to recover. Consequently, there are lots of winners: young people, lower income earners, small business, apprentices, older Australians, and regional communities, to name a few.  

But that wasn’t enough for partisan leftie and intellectual lightweight Van Badham. She tweeted:

My response? 

Unsurprisingly, she blocked me.  

Evidently, Van was miffed that the Coalition was spending money on identity groups the ALP likes to reserve for their own political convenience. And instead of dealing with the budget specifics, it was easier to distract with some high-tory Churchillian imagery of two blokes smoking cigars seven years ago — to form the foundation of her latest exercise in class baiting. Query whether she would’ve had a dig if Hockey and Cormann were smoking Winnie Reds or rolling Champion Ruby.  

Anyway, back to the budget. 

Is it perfect? Nope. Is it certain? Not by a long shot.  

But it’s a budget appropriate for the times, based on the information we have, aimed at directing spending to those in need and helping the economy get back on its feet. So, making sweeping references to compassion and solidarity is unhelpfully emotive and doesn’t change the facts in play or the job at hand. The budget is not meant to be the T-junction of messiah complex and self-indulgence. The important thing is where spending is directed, not the interpretative dance that goes along with it. 

And while Van is a such a fawning sycophant for the likes of John Setka, you’d forgive anyone, including the Coalition, for passing up the opportunity to take their moral cues from her. 

Frankly, I’d rather be parachuted into Riyadh in a mini skirt. 

Caroline Di Russo is a lawyer, businesswomen and unrepentant nerd.

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