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Biden: Beijing’s candidate

A Biden-Harris victory will be a disaster for Australia, too

24 October 2020

9:00 AM

24 October 2020

9:00 AM

Australia’s elites would prefer Beijing’s candidate, Joe Biden in the White House, it seems. But, unlike 2016, at least a few notable commentators here now favour Trump, however grudgingly. Yet local outlets still echo the American mainstream media, even though they have become the Democratic party’s propaganda arm. Little wonder then that Biden’s campaign manager admits most media polling is fake.

The Murdoch media, Macquarie radio and this magazine excepted; few local outlets publish any truthful news about Trump. In 2016, when most assumed a Clinton victory, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph published two of my pieces arguing Trump’s agenda was far superior to Mrs Clinton’s.

But just as Hillary in 2016 was compromised by foreign, including Russian, involvements and impropriety in office, Biden is even more seriously compromised.

The 2020 election is crucial to the future of America and the West, including Australia, which is more than any other nation the progeny of both Britain and the US. This election will determine whether America remains the world’s dominant power or, in accordance with the policy of the former Obama-Biden administration, that mantle is handed to communist China.

Unlike the two benign dominant world powers Australians have known since settlement, the world hegemon would then be one which constantly violates human rights, including adopting as policy such outrages as slave labour and killing to support a trade in human organs. It will be a power which constantly breaches the norms of international law, such as in the illegal annexations in the South China Sea. It will be one which plans to make all other states, including Australia, obedient satrapies of imperial Beijing .

Yet the spectacularly ill-informed assessment, ‘Biden passes the character test’, is apparently common among the elites in their latest betrayal or trahison des clercs. This is confirmed by a recent piece in the Australian, ‘Biden in the White House would be good for us’.

As to character, recent revelations in the New York Post concerning the Biden family only reinforce Peter Schweizer’s exposés over the last three years, culminating in Profiles in Corruption. These revealed the Biden family’s rise to riches through connections with foreign oligarchs is wholly based on leveraging Joe’s political influence.

The other family members are Joe’s son Hunter, daughter Ashley, brothers James and Frank as well as sister Valerie. The family machine’s excellent returns when he was a senator went through the roof when he became vice-president.

The Post report confirms that Joe was closely involved in setting up operations and giving effect to them through meetings with foreign agents. Further, there was a mafia-like rule: family members had to hand over 50 per cent of their ill-gotten returns to Patriarch Joe. That would be neither taxable nor reported under ethical rules.

Tech giants suppressed Post reports because of ‘concerns’ they may not be genuine. Such concerns were curiously absent over Hillary’s four-year claim that Trump colluded with the Russians, as well as over the recent lie that Trump called American soldiers ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’.

In any event the tech giants can stop worrying.

Rudy Giuliani, the New York mayor who significantly reduced crime, has confirmed that Hunter Biden’s lawyer contacted the Delaware computer repair- shop owner who had discovered the material, demanding he return the hard drive copy of the email account. Meanwhile, its veracity has been confirmed by Hunter Biden’s business partner granting to Peter Schweizer access to his email account. This corroborates the material obtained by the Post.

What is especially concerning is that Hunter was involved in two-billion dollar deals with the Chinese communist government and entities under its control involving his father, then vice president in an administration presiding over the transfer of manufacturing and intellectual property to communist China as part of a policy of managing the decline of the United States. This involved downgrading as unexceptional the American foundation principle ‘that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’

It is not so much that, as Donald Trump said, he did more for the United States in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years. Nor is it that in his 47 years, Biden demonstrated no principled consistency on a range of issues from segregation, being hard on crime, gay marriage, ‘global warming’, retaining manufacturing, trade and other issues central to his Catholic faith. Biden’s policy choices always depended on an assessment of political advantage. Nor is it that Biden is very much the modern career politician, who has hardly had a real job and who enters politics with moderate means and becomes extraordinarily wealthy. Nor is it that he is the opposite to Trump, who has and whose family have eschewed profitable deals and returned his salary while in office, who had an exceptional agenda announced at Gettysburg in 2016 and who has, more than almost any president, kept his promises. Nor is it even that Biden set up a scheme for him and his family to profit corruptly from foreign oligarchs.

The reason why Biden is wholly and totally unacceptable is that, as Beijing openly proclaims in their propaganda sheet the Global Times, Biden is Beijing’s candidate. And while he was vice president in an administration committed to managing American decline to be replaced by Beijing, the Biden family machine was in receipt of unbelievable largesse from Beijing.

With the far-left agenda he agreed with Bernie Sanders and an early succession by Kamala Harris, a Biden presidency will ensure the economic decline of the United States and the rise of Beijing to world domination. This is in no one’s interest except the Biden family and the communist bosses.

A Biden presidency would be a disaster for Australia and for the rest of the world.

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