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Chairman Dan 💕 The Project. Guess why?

7 September 2020

12:21 PM

7 September 2020

12:21 PM

On Sunday night, Dan Andrews appeared on Channel Ten’s The Project. Why?

With the state he’s responsible for in utter chaos, why add this TV interview?

After a hectic day of supposedly revealing a roadmap to recovery (which was actually a roadmap to exactly where the state currently is), why do an evening show that attracts less than 200,000 viewers?

The only explanation for state premier go on national TV to talk about state issues is that he’s got major issues and needs to pander to the left nationally.

His appearance on The Project is incredibly politically revealing.

Andrews is under fire.  

Heads of Victoria’s peak business organisations have described the map out of coronavirus as “a road to nowhere”.

“This does not deliver for the thousands of businesses that are trying to keep this state going and trying to keep their doors open,” Paul Guerra, Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive has declared.

The Australian Hotels Association has warned hotels and pubs faced “going over a cliff”.

Melburnians will face another two weeks of stage 4 restrictions, with minor modifications.

“We can’t run out of lockdown,” Andrews said, before doing his telling TV interview. “We have to take steady and safe steps out of lockdown.”

Safe steps that go round in a circle are not progress, and aligning with safe left-wing media outlets is not going to convince anyone otherwise.

This was nothing but a rev-up of the #istandwithdan brigade; pure politics while plunging his state into economic ruin. 

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