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Even the left don’t want Turnbull

27 April 2020

5:00 AM

27 April 2020

5:00 AM

Poor Malcolm Turnbull.  

The Liberals don’t want him; he may even be expelled from the party for being such a repellent miserable ghost.

And now, even the left apparently don’t want him either.

Say a little prayer for Turnbull, for he is now the politically homeless miserable ghost.  

Of course, the Narcissist in Chief won’t be phased about his new uncomfortable status because he’s so far up his own arse he still believes he’s a gift to the world.

“Oh, I’d be wounded!” he said when asked about being expelled as a member of the Liberal Party. “I’d just be a crumpled mess in the corner!”

He may well be pumped full of his own hot air, but it has been incredibly amusing watching cheerleaders from the left disown their former hero since his vengeful memoir was published.  

Tim Soutphommasane, former Australian Human Rights Commissioner wrote, “As PM, Turnbull was more moderate than many of his party colleagues on race and multiculturalism. But his stance on ‘African gangs’ was disappointing. Let’s also remember his government moved to weaken the Racial Discrimination Act in 2017 (it failed)”.  

That’s a nul-point from Soutphommasane.  

Far-left activists and ex-ABC favourite Osman Faruqi mirrored this thinking, posting, “Who gives a sh*t tbh. This stuff isn’t a game [referencing an SBS article claiming Turnbull regretted backing Peter Dutton over African gangs]. Turnbull and his government fostered racist attitudes against African-Australian’s, it’s unforgivable.”

That’s a nul-point from Faruqi.  

And then it was the turn of Greg Jericho from The Guardian, which we only recently learnt Turnbull helped to launch, who also gave a nul-point score. 

He accused Turnbull of defaulting to “lawyer speak”, and failing to put a stop to racism when he saw it happening.  

“Words matter – so too their implications,” Jericho blasted. “You said ‘There is real concern about Sudanese gangs’ & ‘I’ve heard people – colleagues from Melbourne – say that there is real anxiety about crime in Melbourne’. You took the ‘I’m not saying it, I’m just hearing it’ approach. It was poor.”

All of this seemed to temporarily rattle Teflon Malc who replied; “I don’t understand how someone who writes thoughtfully on economics in the Guardian can be so unpleasantly abusive on Twitter. It says a lot for the quality of the editorial oversight at the Guardian I suppose.”  

How interesting that Turnbull, having attempted to align with The Guardian (and then being subsequently rebuffed by its editor), is now attempting to slam the quality of the far-left activist media outlet itself.


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