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27 March 2020

6:41 PM

27 March 2020

6:41 PM

It’s our third outing, so by now you should know the game. But as we missed yesterdays, here’s an update.

The SpecOz has launched an effort to generate community spirit in these times of trouble — the Twit of the Day  It’s simple. We believe it’s more important than ever that we now join together as a community — and what unites us more than laughter; laughing at the members of the Twitterati who make the most pointless, irrational, obtuse or telling remarks in this time of crisis.

Today’s Twit comes from a specialist, Andrew “The Boozin’ Brawler” Bartlett, one of the many leaders who squabbled over the controls of the Australian Democrats during their kamikaze dive who enjoyed a second, short stint in the Senate for the Greens while Larissa Waters worked out where she had been born.

The former punk — who now resembles a member of a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young tribute band — shows that he’s lost none of the nouse that gave him such a successful political career:

Thanks for that Andrew. Such wit. Such subtlety. And – oh — such depth of thought. You’re our Twit of the Day. Watch how you celebrate the win.

You too can submit your contenders for Twit of Day — links, preferably — by emailing us at flatwhite@spectator.com.au and together we will make it through this crisis.

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