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Kristina Keneally: the new Senator Sea Patrol?

21 October 2019

5:00 AM

21 October 2019

5:00 AM

When Green Sarah Hanson-Young seemed to suggest she thought Sea Patrol was real, many of us thought we had achieved a low in political astuteness.

It also spoke volumes about why the loony left struggle to get a firm grasp on understanding border security.

Well, we were wrong.

Enter stage far-left opposition spokeswoman for home affairs Kristina Keneally who appears to be auditioning for the role as SHY’s replacement.

Last Monday Keneally blind-sided colleagues when she ditched an agreement the government had to expand police powers at airports. The bill supposedly had bipartisan support of the parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security before Keneally jumped ship. Which again gives us an insight into her understanding of border security and the perils that can occur at sea.

While Anthony Albanese attempts to insist, “I don’t see that there is anything to see here”, giant ominous question marks are now following Keneally with every step she walks.

When she insisted that Australia has a “moral duty” to bring home foreign fighter families in Syria she proved without a shadow of a doubt her grasp of majority Australia is on a par with SHY’s Sea Patrol embarrassment.

What planet is Keneally on?

This is feminist ideology at its most extreme; the more she insists all women are innocent victims the more the voting public will wake up to how ridiculous this Duluth theory at the backbone of feminist theory truly is.

Fact: women aren’t all innocent victims.

Some are even fully grown adults who made their own choice to head to Syria and support a terrorist movement focused on destroying western civilisation.

You would struggle to find even a tiny percentage of Australians who believe these dangerous women should be brought back.

As for a “moral duty”? Forget it.

How is this going to help the floundering party reclaim mainstream voters and quiet Australians?

This is the dangerous, disturbed and scarily deranged territory of the far left.

This is a party already in a mess, now Keneally is pushing buttons that are well known to be unpopular with voters?

The longer this political wrecking ball keeps swinging, the more Labor can kiss goodbye to the next election too.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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