Impeachment shows the Democrats are addicted to chaos

25 September 2019

9:49 AM

25 September 2019

9:49 AM

Democrats have long criticized Donald Trump’s addiction to Twitter, his limited rolling-news attention span and the narcissism of his reality TV presidency. No doubt there is truth in what they say. But it’s also what psychologists call projection — a defense mechanism people employ in order to deflect attention from their own failings.

At some, perhaps semi-conscious level, Trump’s bitterest critics know that nobody, not even the president, is more media-addled than they are. Nobody is more likely to plan according to the hourly news cycle. And nobody is as quick to reach the most dramatic conclusions based on very little evidence. The anti-Trump show must go on.

Again and again, we see Trump-loathing journalists piling on to thin stories in the absolute certainty that, this time, they’ve got him. Then we see Democrats escalate the drama because, well, the media wants it. Trump today moaned on Twitter that the Democrats has stolen the headline thunder from his appearance at the UN. Of course they have; the news cycle demanded a rush to judgment, and they have complied.

Look at Nancy Pelosi announcing this afternoon that she would be pushing for impeachment proceedings — despite having said in the past she would rather beat Trump at the ballot in 2020 . ‘To­day, I’m an­nounc­ing the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives is mov­ing for­ward with an of­fi­cial im­peach­ment in­quiry,’ she said. ‘The ac­tion taken to date by the pres­i­dent ap­pears to vi­o­late the con­sti­tu­tion.’

Does that strangely vague certainty, that challenging vapidity ring a bell? Does it not sound like almost every Democratic soundbite about Trump-Russia from 2016 to 2019? It’s the same pile-on; the same rush to judgment; the same elite liberal media feedback loop.

Did somebody mention the Mueller inquiry? Don’t mention the Mueller inquiry! This is different, various Dems now insist. Totally different. Not the same. For one thing, Trump was president when he may have asked a foreign power to interfere against Biden in 2020; he was only a candidate when he probably didn’t with Clinton in 2016. This is a real high crime. Totally different. This is big; this time.

Except it isn’t, as far as we know, because all we have is an anonymous whistleblower allegation and news reports connecting various dots. The allegation that lingered from last night’s Washington Postscoop’ until this afternoon is that, in a telephone call, Trump offered the Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Ze­len­sky some sort of aid-for-dirt deal; we give you guns, you give us details as to Sloppy Joe Biden’s misdeeds. Yeah, that sounds like Trump — must be true.

But then today Trump said he is willing to release the full transcript of his conversation with Ze­len­sky, which suggests he isn’t all that worried.

Still, Nancy presses on. Why? Perhaps the Democrats know something we don’t — and the whistleblower account will offer proof that Trump crossed a line in his desperation to dig Ukrainian dirt on Biden.

Or maybe Pelosi doesn’t want Joe Biden to be president. She sees that, while this Ukraine story may or may not hurt Trump, the constant reminder of Biden family’s business-orientated diplomacy will only undermine him. Biden, the old fool, will join in the ‘witch-hunt’ not realizing that he is the convenient collateral damage.

Nancy is a wily operator, but that might be too clever by half. The more likely scenario is that the Democrats have, once again, allowed the apoplexy they feel towards Donald Trump to flood their brains. They have got swept up in their own reality TV show, the one in which they get to save the Republic and make grandiose statements about honor and America’s integrity.

The trouble for them is that Trump-Ukraine seems too familiar a plot. After three years of Trump-Russia, we all feel like we’re watching the same episode again, even if we aren’t. Like all reality TV, it’s fake and it’s crap.

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