Corbynistas turn on one another over EU election meltdown

28 May 2019

6:40 AM

28 May 2019

6:40 AM

There’s a lot of soul-searching in the Labour party after Sunday’s abysmal results in the European elections. On Monday, Corbynista commentator Paul Mason was one of the first out of the blocks, with a lengthy autopsy of Labour’s electoral failure. He placed the blame squarely on Corbyn’s Brexit-leaning advisors, and urged those responsible to be fired.

‘Three point plan for Labour. 1. A members ballot on Remain/Reform as the new line. 2. Sack the officials responsible for this fiasco. 3. Defend Corbyn against the inevitable coup. More from me tomorrow – sign our petition here 

Corbynista outriders are eating each other this morning.

— Mark Di Stefano 🤙🏻(@MarkDiStef) May 27, 2019

Unsurprisingly, the column didn’t go down well in all quarters of the hard left. Ian Lavery, Chair of the Labour Party and one of the most vocal supporters of so-called ‘Lexit’, hit back, saying:

‘Had a lot of respect for you @paulmasonnews but calling for the sacking of hard working committed @uklabour staff is a shocking response from a so called JC supporting socialist. What happened to workers of the world unite ?’

Undeterred, Paul Mason clarified his position:

‘I’m calling for your resignation as well. If people actively obstruct the leader, brief against him, refuse to enact decisions they are not doing their jobs – and how can we have a party chair who breaks the whip?’

Things got uglier when Corbynista mouthpiece Skwawkbox got involved and Mason hit back one more time:

I won’t be shutting up: Stalinism in Britain destroys everything it touches and I’m not going to let it destroy our radical social democracy. You’ll soon be short of “senior Labour sources” to fuel your nutty conspiracy theories…

— Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews) May 27, 2019

Oh dear. Mr S suspects Mason won’t be getting an invite back into Corbyn’s inner circle anytime soon…

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