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CBD: the ABC is right not be bothered by the Great Humanitarian’s views on female genital mutilation

3 May 2019

12:21 PM

3 May 2019

12:21 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

CBD’s staple diet for news on any matter is the balanced yet progressive, inclusive yet selective ABC.

To think it only costs a little over $1000 million every year. What a service. There is none like it. Even when certain issues don’t show up in the polls the ABC instinctively and educatively creates issues for the unsuspecting consciousness like climate change to ensure people are suitably educated and guided.

Now balanced progressives like CBD discourage the mixing of politics and religion. The latter should simply be banned. Life would be so much easier. But to justify the unjustifiable there is the helpful saying about “ the exception that proves the rule”. On that basis CBD feels released to be able to talk climate change and politics.

If someone commits their soul to climate change they will do anything for the cause including self-immolation – figuratively speaking of course. But not so figuratively when it comes to jobs, wealth, and future for their kids. Anything that needs to be sacrificed on the altar of climate change will and should be sacrificed.

BS is showing such strong leadership credentials by refusing to give in to the hate media’s questions about cost.

Easily explained with 10 Maccas. (In fact what was that about BS? ). Simply there is no cost. The nirvana which beckons makes such calculations quite unnecessary beside being unhelpful. Like the TV evangelist programmes you can never give enough. The cause demands your all.

While on religion CBD was advised by the ABC that a candidate had been caught making racist comments about Islam.

Allegedly a female candidate had the absolute gall to take on her own sisterhood by asking how feminists who assert Islam is a feminist religion might like to be subjected to female genital mutilation. It sounds so crass and barbaric which is why its acronym FGM sanitises it somewhat and enables AO QC for Kooyong to defend the sheer barbarism.

The depth of understanding needed to comprehend the vast moral gulf that exists between support for actual FGM and asking whether people might actually want it for themselves if they defend the world view which practices it is so plain it doesn’t need explaining. Just like the costs of BS’s emissions reduction targets.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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