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Princess PC versus the colonisation of the curriculum

28 February 2019

6:58 PM

28 February 2019

6:58 PM

Were you aware that the curriculum of our universities has been colonized? Apparently this is a serious problem and we need to decolonise as quickly as possible – according to a report commissioned by the Office for Students in the United Kingdom which recommends that universities should decolonise the curriculum to end the dominance of Western values and beliefs.

It’s an idea which has been welcomed by Meghan Markle – although why Princess PC’s opinion on academic institutions should be considered significant is not immediately obvious. But then apparently you don’t need qualifications or experience in order to be able to comment or make policy on education. Angela Rayner, the UK Labour shadow secretary of education, who left school with no qualifications and has no experience of higher education, has already declared, “Our universities are too male, pale and stale and do not represent the communities that they serve or modern Britain”.

One exception to the ‘male, pale and stale’ version of academia is Kehindi Andrews, Professor of Black Studies at Birmingham City University. He recently appeared on the Moral Maze, the BBC’s excellent discussion programme, defending the call for ‘decolonisation’. In the course of this discussion he made the incredible (in that it was not credible) remark that “ “Before the Enlightenment the only part of the world that was in a Dark Age, was Europe – and Europe had to draw on other parts of the world to build its culture”.

The idea that a Western State is paying for an academic to teach that the rest of the world was living in blissful enlightenment, whilst the West was in darkness is as laughable as it is fanciful. It bears no relation to historical reality. It’s the equivalent of the geology department at the University of Sydney employing a flat earther. Mind you if that flat earther was prepared to accept an intersectional understanding of gender, race and sexuality, perhaps they would have no difficulty getting the job! Absolute truth is after all a Western colonialist concept – as is the idea of Western science – designed to oppress the rest of the world’s cultures. Such is the madness that this irrational path leads to that for some witchcraft is as valuable as Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity!

When there was a proposal from the Ramsay Centre for a degree in Western Civilisation, more than 100 Sydney University academics wrote an open letter denouncing it as “European supremacism writ large”.   This puzzled me. I can do Chinese studies at the University of Sydney, which helps me ‘to understand Chinese society and culture’. Or I can do Arabic language and cultures. Did academics write open letters denouncing these courses as ‘Chinese or Arabic supremacism writ large”?   I would love to do Chinese or Arabic studies at the University of Sydney, but why ban Western studies?

The Sydney academics had their answer. “We are a university, not a training institute for a future political ‘cadre’”. I would utter a hearty ‘Amen’ to that wonderful doctrine – if it were not the prime candidate for the most hypocritical statement of the decade! Mainstream (and especially elitist) universities in the West have become monoversities whose main purpose is social engineering. They have become the ultimate training institutes for a future political cadre. I suspect you could count on one hand the number of academics in social science and arts faculties who are not liberal, left progressives. The last kind of diversity you will get in these academic circles is political diversity. I spoke at one university recently where a student stated that he was the only one in the university who was even vaguely right wing. Another lecturer told me that their university was a ‘liberal progressive’ one and that his students had never heard any other point of view; a fact he seemed proud of.

The argument for ‘decolonisation’ states that we need to open our ways up to different ways of thinking and the diversity that that brings. But those who make that argument are among the least diverse people ideologically you can meet. A BBC producer once told me that the BBC doesn’t do diversity in an ideological sense.

There is a sense in which decolonisation is already well under way. The traditional values of Western liberal democracies, stemming largely from our Judaeo-Christian foundations – tolerance, liberty and the rule of law – are being removed and replaced by the new “progressive” order – which practices intolerance in the name of tolerance; restricts liberty in the name of freedom and uses the law as a political and ideological tool to prevent equality under the law for all.

This is a new colonisation. Western “progressives” are so convinced that they alone are on ‘the right side of history’; that their values are self-evidently right, they have no qualms about imposing them on every culture in the world. Western aid is often tied in with the imposition of Western values. They use Western power – money, media and even military – in non-Western countries.

Their methods are more insidious in the West where in a supposedly multi-cultural society they demand a monocultural political system.   These are not revolutionary ideas stemming from the oppressed working classes. No – these are the values of the bourgeois elites, who love to talk about the poor, but who live in their own comfortable corporate bubble.

This ‘Western liberals are the peak of evolution’ snobbery currently seems to be the dominant force in much of the media, politics, business and the upper echelons of academia. Anyone who dares challenge this worldview is automatically accused of being ‘populist’ or far right. I am not writing this as some kind of right wing conservative. My nickname was ‘Red Robbo’ for a reason! And yet I am regularly accused of being a Fascist because I don’t accept Queer Theory philosophy.

Intimidation, irrationality and ideology have replaced reason and revelation. It’s time to resist the cultural colonisers who are using the values of the West to destroy those values.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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