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The week in misandry

19 October 2018

2:59 PM

19 October 2018

2:59 PM

A quick peek at what’s going on the flip side of feminism – where it’s all about women.

The Australian Federal Police busted an underground network, which has helped mothers steal their children for 10 years. The AFP said they have recovered 10 children who had been stolen, breaking Family Court orders. The network included a driver who drove mothers and children across the country. It’s alleged fathers were actively being portrayed as abusers on social media. There was no teary TV panel. There were no ribbons. There was no outcry. In fact, far-left extremist activists still tried to justify the network’s activities. Why? Because we live in a gynocentric society.

Misandry and misogyny could both become hate crimes in the UK under proposed changes to the law. Cue: freak out from left feminists who are so blinded by their own prejudice they’ve lost sight of true equality and only want respect to work one-way.

A Wollongong woman has been denied bail after allegedly involved in a violent standover of a man she met online. The man was attacked with a tomahawk. No mention of domestic violence.

Anglicare advertised for counsellors. Males may not apply. Think that’s sexual discrimination? Me too.

Female paedophiles ‘more prevalent’ than conviction rates suggest, reports the ABC. “Not true”, reply left feminist activists.

Charity claims parents are weaponising domestic violence orders, reports The Guardian. “Not true”, reply left feminist activists.

SBS ran a piece reporting on, “Men respond: ‘How did your domestic violence impact your kids?” No mention of female perpetrators. “Doesn’t happen”, screech left feminist activists.

Donald Trump attacked for calling Stormy Daniels “horse-face” because, apparently, making mushroom references to a man’s penis is totally acceptable.

Woman in Brooklyn accuses nine-year-old boy of grabbing her bum, calls cops. CCTV reveals it was actually his backpack that bumped into her. Boy in tears. Woman apologises – but don’t forget to “believe all women!”

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