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Show me the honey shot

19 July 2018

1:03 PM

19 July 2018

1:03 PM

Those fighting this imaginary battle for women’s rights really need to sit down for a chat to discuss strategy. Their plan appears to be rather flawed.

A “honey shot” is when a supposedly attractive woman is picked out of the crowd by cameras at a sporting event.

“Sexism!” scream our fem friends who really haven’t thought this through.

Is it sexism when being spotted opens a zillion doors of opportunity for you? And even if it is, do you care?

One woman who was a so-called victim of being a “honey shot” seems rather happy with the results. Natalia Betancourt was snapped at the 2014 World Cup game between Colombia and Brazil and rather than whining about it, she’s given an interview to the BBC sounding positively giddy and thankful.

“I had no idea the cameras would zoom on me,” she says. “And of course, I had no idea how it would all grow from there.”

She was on screen for a few seconds, noticed by Rihanna who shared her picture with the caption “Colombian cutie”. She was then on the cover of several men’s magazines and took part in TV show Dancing with the Stars. Now she’s the face of various brands and models for an international hair care company.

Doesn’t sound like she was the “victim” of anything, does it? Really, it just underlines that all this virtue signalling and screeching about sexism frequently backfires.

Ridiculous jobs like “diversity bosses” are justifying even more ridiculous salaries for robbing everyday people of opportunity. But everyone’s too scared not to suggest we might be heading in the wrong direction.

Anti-discrimination group Fare Network says sexism has been the biggest problem at Russia 2018. Organisers are now working with police to identify and punish abusive fans.

Perhaps they should have a chat with Betancourt?

Who gets the feeling that the left just loves to be outraged about everything and waste taxpayers dollars with wild abandon, all with zero strategy?

Illustration: YouTube.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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