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It’s all child’s play for Sarah Hanson-Young

22 July 2018

8:38 PM

22 July 2018

8:38 PM

Bad move SHY, bad move. Sarah Hanson-Young decided it would be a good idea to put her 11-year-old daughter on TV on Sunday night. And with that, the last of her supporters collected their coats and declared, “Right, that’s it, I’m out of here”.

Poor form? Sick? Twisted? Appalling? Attention seeker? Victim narrative? Appalling? Child exploitation? Child abuse? They’ve all been mentioned in furious online backlash.

This new low shows startling lack of judgement from SHY. Firstly, let’s repeat that her daughter is 11 years old. Let’s also remember that this isn’t the first time SHY has dragged her young daughter into the public arena – whale watching anyone?

SHY played the gender card from the second she opened her mouth as she sat with Wilkinson in a stilted, clearly rehearsed exchange. She repeated claims Leyonhjelm “slut-shamed” her. She said, “It’s about the fact it’s intimidation… because I’m a woman.”

Her daughter Kora described such comments to a woman as “being unfair,” adding, “being a bully is not right.”

Unsurprisingly, many were quick to also question Lisa Wilkinson’s involvement in what’s been slammed as gutter journalism. After the interview, Wilkinson confirmed on air that The Project had asked if Kora wanted to be involved in the interview. SHY replied that Kora wanted to have her say.

Wasn’t it obvious to any of the above that no one was going to be impressed by this move? If it was fishing for sympathy, it failed.

Social media certainly confirmed very little support.

“Lisa, presumably you as a mother would have been strongly against the idea of SHY putting her daughter on show. Is there ever a precedent anywhere for this?” one tweeted.

Another replied, “Don’t think Lisa has any morals mate. I once thought she did.”

Yet another added, “She doesn’t at all… anything for ratings.”

And “You are a disgrace on every level Wilkinson.”

Well, at least we have the solid proof now that The Project is interested solely in ratings. Let’s just remember that the next time Waleed Aly tries to lecture the entire country with one of his editorials.

All that criticism of Barnaby Joyce looks suspiciously like egg on leftist panellist’s faces now.

Truth is, all this sorry theatrical display is doing is providing a wonderful opportunity to discuss misandry, which runs rife in society and drips from the lefty media.

It gives us another excellent chance to highlight how destructive this rancid plague of collectivism that far left feminists have sent to descend on all men for the crimes of a few really is.

So, thanks SHY.

PS: Is that a wood heater we see in the background of chez SHY? Don’t say she’s a carbon emissions hypocrite too? Or does she call it “sustainable biomass”, like the Nats?

Illustration: The Project Twitter.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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