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Yassmin confirms she’s a narcissist

25 May 2018

4:11 PM

25 May 2018

4:11 PM

There is pretentious, and then there is Yassmin Abdel-Magied. Writing for The Guardian, she proudly escalates narcissism to a whole new level. Her target is “white men” (of course), and they get to play the role of “oppressor” (oh joy).

“Those with the highest levels of privilege are often viscerally afraid of losing it. It’s the fear that if they relinquish power, the tables will turn on them, the terror that they will become the oppressed,” she begins.

Something, something, “subjugating others”, blah, blah, “structurally oppressed for generations”, something, blah “prejudiced behaviour, blah, something, “structural inequalities”.

If that all sounds extremely familiar, that’s because it’s from the familiar script dished out and circulated among the pretentious left.

She proceeds to zoom her overblown pomp in on a Twitter exchange with comedian Josh Denny. He wrote that the phrase “straight white male” was this century’s “N-word”.

Anyone human can see he has a valid point.

Not YAM, who actually is as sharp as SHY (Sarah Hanson Young), if you strip back the conceited charade.

“Many, including me, pointed out that this statement betrayed a lack of understanding of history and context,” YAM writes.

Nope. Au contraire it displays a complete understanding of the context of desiring true equality rather than considering denigration of any group progress.

The reason #MeToo has lost popular support is precisely this; people are sick of loathing, attacking, disunion and division. In short, we can see this plan isn’t about equality. And that, my dear YAM, has nothing to do with lacking understanding of history or context.

The tone of her piece is the self-important bore at a dreary dinner party who believes they are too good for everyone around them.

Her words drip with a smugness as she preaches about tiresome plebs who are so profoundly laborious in their ineptitude and stupidity.

“I’ll be the first to admit, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from delivering the perfect Twitter takedown,” she writes.

Really? Is there? I, for one, disagree.

“Who doesn’t love the dopamine hits as the likes, re-tweets, and gifs of standing ovations flood in,” she continues.

And with that YAM confirms she is an attention-seeking narcissist.

“It feels good to be right, and to have your community reward you for it,” she says.

Nope. We’re not all on that page either.

This is a holier than thou piece that reveals more about its author than society. And, it certainly confirms YAM should not be given a place on the steering committee if we are to make any progress stepping forward in unity.

“This is about honouring ourselves and making sure we are building the best society for us all,” she writes. “It won’t be easy, but I truly believe it’ll be worth it.”

Save yourself the trouble, dear. What seems to have escaped her is the fact we would all be instantly better off without such sneering strategy and egotistical agenda.

Illustration: ABC Publicity

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