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Vote for (the other) Chelsea!

14 January 2018

8:07 PM

14 January 2018

8:07 PM

Chelsea wants to run. No, the other Chelsea:

Chelsea Manning, the transgender U.S. Army soldier who served seven years in military prison for leaking classified data, is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate seat from Maryland, according to Federal election filings seen on Saturday.

Manning, who was granted clemency by former U.S. President Barack Obama, was released in May from a U.S. military prison in Kansas where she had been serving time for passing secrets to the WikiLeaks website in the biggest breach of classified data in the history of the United States.

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin was elected in 2006 to that seat and is expected to run for re-election this year. He is the senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Transsexual-traitor-Americans are a much maligned and misunderstood electoral demographic. It’s good to see them finally find their voice in politics.

Arthur Chrenkoff blogs at The Daily Chrenk where this piece also appears.

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