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Why is our national broadcaster bagging our national day?

2 August 2017

8:57 PM

2 August 2017

8:57 PM

What’s wrong with the headline below from the clickbait-farm-come-Game-of-Thrones-recap-service formerly known as the Fairfax press (hint — the title to this piece contains a clue)?

It’s not just JJJ trying to do down Australia Day.

It’s the bigger body JJJ is part of — the ABC.

The national broadcaster, it appears, thinks it’s fine to trash our national day.

Where the hell is Michelle Guthrie’s leadership — and even more to the point, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield’s?

This must not stand: the national broadcaster doing down the national day.

The national broadcaster Senator Fifield rewards with more than a billion dollars of taxpayers’ cash each year.

If it’s going to take our cash, it can abide by our standards.

And the vast majority of Australians say January 26 is a day that matters, a day that marks the founding of our nation, Australia Day.

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