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Protection? What a load of bollards

16 July 2017

6:13 PM

16 July 2017

6:13 PM

“Melbourne’s concrete bollards could slide 30 metres in a crash, warn experts.”

I wasn’t in the least surprised when I read this headline in the online edition of The Age a few days ago.

Why? Because not more than a month ago I had publicly warned that concrete barriers were next to useless and simply a waste of money. And yet the Melbourne City Council still insists on insulting the intelligences of its city dwellers by continuing to rent out and deploy these ridiculous cement blocks.

And now experts are backing up my claims essentially saying that if a standard sedan was travelling at 40 km/h it could push a bollard up to 30 metres down the pavement – in effect multiplying the deadly effect of the weaponised vehicle itself.

And that doesn’t even take into account if the terrorist decided to use a larger vehicle such as a prime mover instead of a sedan and had his foot on the accelerator perhaps going at three times that speed. The distance these blocks would be pushed would be much further and the devastating impact multiplied.

These one-tonne blocks, which aren’t even secured to the ground (which really is absurd), are designed as counterweights for holding down marquees at events and so forth, not preventing a jihadist from driving his vehicle into pedestrians on a footpath or in a mall.

This isn’t just some waffle or speculation on the part of experts. No. Their propositions have already been tested out in real life. The German television show Umschau drove a truck into similar concrete barriers and what did they find? The barriers were “close to useless” as in the test which was captured on video, the truck easily pushed the barriers aside. I cited this very test in my opinion piece (“We need more than concrete barriers to protect us from terrorism”) last month.

“Concrete barriers are not the solution to the terrorism problem. In fact, researchers conducted tests proving them to be next to useless. If Andrews really wants to erect some barriers, how about he at least put them where they are most needed: in front of the airport gates where the jihadists behind Australia’s past four terrorist attacks have come through?” I wrote in The Spectator at the time.

To think that the Melbourne City Council has wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars (with a lot more waste to follow) on these useless bollards and other faux security measures simply beggars belief.

Meanwhile, Premier Dan Andrews and his useless cronies expect Melburnians to feel assured of their safety…

Caleb Stephen is a widely-published Christian freelance journalist, columnist and the founder and editor in chief of TruthJournalism.com. Visit his website CalebStephen.com and follow him on Twitter @CalebSOfficial.

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