Flat White

Game of Greens

16 July 2017

7:24 PM

16 July 2017

7:24 PM

“Woeful news my lord Richard, of Ser Scott of the Greenwald, well, it turns out he’s not one of us, after all”

“Yes, I heard. Born a Wildling, woeful news indeed. But how could he have not realised, and for nine years he carried our colours. He could not take service with the Greens when he is not truly of our lineage.”

“He says he was not cognisant of the fact of his birth and its implications, Lord. and indeed, there have been others not born in our antipodean land that have had to withdraw….”

“Yes, but Ser Scott was beloved by the common folk, he had a presence they admired.”

“There will be, alas, some secret smiles in the court of King Malcolm and some not so secret. The scribes may insist Ser Scott pay back the monies he was granted when he took service with our Greens.”

“King Malcolm’s grasp on the Iron Throne is none too secure, some of his knights – especially those with far-off fiefs are uneasy. They wish to put an end to the conflict between the king and Ser Antony of the northern beaches, whose anger, since he was pulled from the Iron Throne, has not abated. While Ser Will Shortstuff, lord in the south, rubs his hands together in glee as he plots to take the throne at some future date.”

“If it came to that, think you not, almost all his knights and bannermen would hold their noses and rally to Malcolm? Lord Barnaby has spoken of his allegiance to Malcolm.”

“Perhaps, but we have our own troubles to attend to, Lady Sarah taking her daughter to view monsters …”

“Monsters, Lord, I was not aware the flame haired lady and her dragon were so close to our borders ?”

“Not Pauline, man, and not dragons. Whales. She took her daughter whale watching. She said it was within her purlieu when she was criticised by Ser Cory who took exception to her action. But we have a bigger problem than Lady Sarah and  her watching of whales.”

“You speak, of course, of Rhiannon of New Wales. An eternal troublemaker, but at least she has the merit of binding everyone else in our Council together against her and her people. Pity they don’t send women to the Wall.”

“She cannot be banished, Lord, her voice is needed. But she should be held accountable in some way, forbidden to exercise her voice in Council, perhaps.”

“This is our problem, Olav, we are too democratic for these times. We want everyone to have a voice and this inevitably leads to challenges and confrontation.”
“Democracy, what a strange idea, Lord, Shortstuff’s people wouldn’t go at that at all.

“We’re better than them, Olav, we’re better than others in this land. At  least, so we believe.”

“But they believe the same, Lord, and now there are many new contenders for the Iron Throne…the common folk are also flocking to Pauline’s party and many that previously held for Malcolm have become disillusioned and sorrowful…”

“I think I’m having a migraine, just thinking of Rhiannon and her wretches, always protesting about something or other. We of the Green are environmentalists, protectors of our landscapes, our seas, our planet. It hurts my head to think of what those barbarians could do with their machines when they tear up our countryside.”

“Imbibe some more bitterberry, my lord, ’tis said to be good for the humours. And perhaps we should warn Lady Sarah not to watch whales again for a while.”

Illustration: HBO.

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