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G20: our greatest moral challenge is preserving the West

9 July 2017

8:15 PM

9 July 2017

8:15 PM

The main news headline to come out of the G20 seems to be, in essence, that “The United States’ influence in the world is diminishing because Donald Trump doesn’t come to agreement on climate change”.

What it really should say is “Donald Trump gives remarkable speech declaring preservation of the West the greatest moral challenge of our generation”.

But of course, this isn’t allowed. Don’t forget, the media can’t acknowledge anything remotely successful he does because Hillary lost. You don’t have to like him, but credit where credit is due.

I do not really understand this claim that the US’ influence around the world is “diminishing”.

John Howard once said that power is ‘governed by the iron law of arithmetic’. He’s right. Let’s actually have a look at the numbers. I mean, we all know (except most prominent journalists) that power is measured against military capability and economic strength.

The US spent $611 billion on defence in 2016 ranking first globally, whereas second placed China spent far less with $215 billion. There are currently over 900 active US military bases in every region around the world. How many does China have?

In terms of GDP, the US economy is worth $18.5 trillion with China once again a distant second on $11.4 trillion.

So with that aside, back to that speech in Poland.

The greatest moral challenge of our generation is not climate change, no matter how hard the Socialist State of Europe tries to push it to the top of the global agenda.

President of the Socialist State of Europe, I mean Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, seemed surprised that universal agreement was not reached on this issue at the recent G20 talks in Germany. How dare they not give her a win on home turf months out from the German general election!

President of the World, I mean President of France, Emmanuel Macron, can’t seem to understand why his Make the Planet Great Again speech didn’t immediately settle the issue once and for all. Did the newly minted leader not get the memo that France hasn’t be a serious world power for several decades?

You may not like his abrasive personality and you may not think he’s a genuine conservative, but I think we can all agree that Donald Trump gave a fantastic, and necessary, speech in Poland last week.

The reason the 2017 meeting of the G20 was able to take place in Germany, once bitterly divided between the West and Socialism, is because the West won.

Freedom triumphed over the brutal regime of the Soviet Union.

Trump reminds us that the Poles ‘were supported in that victory over communism by a strong alliance of free nations in the West that defied tyranny’.

This did not just happen. Millions of people over several decades died in this ideological struggle. As Trump pointed out, over 150,000 Poles died in the ‘desperate struggle to overthrow oppression’.

But we have become complacent. Scarily complacent. I mean, pick up a copy of Green Left Weekly (I was recently handed a copy for free on the street and opted not to contribute the optional $5 “solidarity” fee) and you would think Australia, and the West in general, is a brutally oppressive regime that must be immediately overthrown. Apparently, our only saviour is Lee Rhiannon?

We take Western civilisation for granted. We are simply not interested in defending it anymore.

The West, led by the US with its military and economic might, may win on this front. But we’re losing the ideological battle. We are no longer defending our values like valuing freedom, valuing the rule of law, valuing democracy, valuing equality between men and women, valuing human life and so on.

And this is why Trump is right to suggest this is our greatest moral challenge.

Trump reminds us that Europe may be rid Socialism, but the West is facing a new threat – radical Islamic terrorism. And a major epicentre for this battle is once again in Europe’s background with a significantly high number of terrorist attacks over the last few years.

Trump is right to point out that ‘these forces, too, are doomed to fail if we want them to fail’.

But what are we doing to combat these forces? We seem to be sitting by and watching it unfold…

We need to go back to being proud of Western values, defending them at every turn.

Instead of useless climate change communiqués, we should focus on global security.

Instead of talking down the US, we should talk it up.

The greatest moral challenge of our generation is preserving the West and if we don’t start to take it seriously, it may be too late.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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