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When racism’s not racism

13 June 2017

2:02 PM

13 June 2017

2:02 PM

Excuse me. I always though Wonder Woman came from the Amazon island of Themyscira. Apparently not. She’s Jewish. Israeli. And that, according to Fairfax writer Ruby Hamad, is a problem:

Last week, Wonder Woman, the “first superhero film with a female lead”, hit the screens prompting calls for “more female action movies” and reactions so gushing you’d be forgiven for thinking Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, was a real person … For Arab women, however, Wonder Woman is not necessarily such a wonderful figure …

While Diana’s exploits may be fictional, the political controversy surrounding Gal Gadot, the actor who portrays her, is very much real.

Gadot, an Israeli woman, was a vocal supporter of Israel’s War on Gaza in 2014, during which she posted online a picture of herself and her young daughter praying for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldiers , “risking their lives protecting [her] country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas who are hiding like cowards behind women and children …”

Hamas, of course, is a militia backed by those well-known feminists, the Mullahs of Iran. And Gadot described its modus operandi perfectly. Its forces base themselves among civilian populations so Israeli forces can’t retaliate against its terror raids without risking the deaths of innocent women and children (and men, for that matter too).

“I’m not saying feminists should boycott Wonder Wonder,” Hamad wrote. Instead, she gave a big shout out to the anti-Israeli Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which explicitly compares the Jewish state with apartheid-era South Africa.

Even leftist Jewish critics of Israeli policy believe the BDS movement is inherently anti-Semitic – racist, in other words.

And Hamad chooses to ignore the freedom women enjoy in Israeli, unprecedented in the region.

But hey. That’s ok. Her racism – let’s call it what it is – comes from the left. So in the Fairfax media (and too much public discourse in Australia), that’s OK.

Fairfax doesn’t like Jews and Israel. We know that. It has form.

It doesn’t seem to like Indians much, either — or Indians who want to make billion dollar investments in Australian jobs that involve coal mining, anyway.

Look at the illustration it blithely published this weekend just past in a rant against Gautam Adani and his coal mine proposal by author Anna Krien:

Malcolm Turnbull – the white guy – is drawn as normal. But Adani is depicted an ugly stereotype. A Simpsons caricature.

Fairfax types hate racism. They’re some of the first to decry it — or at least start using a hashtag on the subject that demonstrates their moral virtue.

Unless, of course, it suits their cause.

Then, what’s a little racism between friends?

Illustration: Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment Inc.

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