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Somebody please show feminists the glass trapdoor

13 June 2017

4:31 PM

13 June 2017

4:31 PM

I’ve heard it all now. Literally, all. Moaning about the “glass ceiling” reached deafening dizzy heights after Clinton’s collapse. Today we welcome to the fem-fold another ludicrous excuse for women getting it wrong.

Like Thatcher before her, conservative Theresa May previously had no female friends in the sketchy sisterhood. Why? Because her views don’t fit the lily-livered libs.

Yet, now she’s failed, you can be sure they want a piece of that.

Like ravenous vultures, they see a struggling carcass and swarm.

And so, we welcome to their draining narrative the “Glass Cliff phenomenon”.

Now, as if by matriarchal magic, there is sympathy for the challenge that May inherited when she became the UK’s second female Prime Minister.

Now feminists shriek, “the circumstances were nothing short of dire”. Schooling us superbly, one feminist website writes, “In sport, it would be described as a hospital pass. In business it is called a “glass cliff”.

Only glaziers and obsessive feminists would be discussing glass cliffs during business meetings.

“It describes the proven phenomenon of a woman receiving a notable promotion during a time of crisis,” it continues.

Professor Michelle Ryan, who specialises in social and organisational psychology at the University of Exeter says, “It is no coincidence that Mrs May became prime minister amidst the uncertainty of Brexit, and she is now paying the price.”

These foolish fembots are seriously suggesting that women are purposefully shoved into leadership positions when the risk of failure is high.

This lead heavy, heaving sense of victimhood knows no bounds. Not only are they whinging that they don’t get enough leadership roles, they are now suggesting that they are led like lambs to the slaughter into roles destined for murky endings. Seriously?

Who will tell them they can always turn down roles if they don’t want them?

If a woman feels undermined before she’s even begun – don’t sign the contract. Empower your very own two feet to walk away and look for other opportunities.

Who will shake their heads firmly and say, ‘”Stop stupefied sisters with your constant excuses”?

Boris Johnson said no to the role. May then had her chance to shine. She made mistakes. May made bad decisions and ran a dire campaign; she is responsible for that. The pernicious patriarchy didn’t shove her off a glass cliff. Neither was it a sinister plot.

Honestly, who will lead this cluster of chattering clowns to the glass trap door so we no longer have to listen to their nonsense?

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