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The harpies take the weekend off

4 December 2016

8:37 PM

4 December 2016

8:37 PM

snip20161203_17There’s no business like show business, as the old song goes – and no feminism as purely exhibitionistic as the “feminism” that fill the pages of the bedlam that is Fairfax’s Daily Life.

As exhibitionists, rather than actual writers and commentators, the inmates of the Fairfax lady pages are always out to demonstrate their credentials. Forget fact. Tweets are what counts. That’s how Clementine Ford strayed into contempt of court territory during the action against the murderer of Jill Meagher.

As soon as the posse forms, the Daily Life authors are there — not just with tar and feathers, but with nooses, ready knotted, and their account of the deeds of judge, jury and executor already swamping their Twitter feeds (with any deviations from their doctrinaire path completely condemned).

All of which makes its strange that the sexual harassment allegations levelled against the useless editor of The Age, Mark Forbes, should have gone uncommented-on, in either their unhinged “journalism” or distressing social media virtue (or insanity) signalling.

Is it a new-found respect for sub judice — or have even the harpies decided not to bite the hand that feeds them?

Whatever the case, it’s gross hypocrisy.

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